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Having a car can be a problem too as it requires regular maintenance. Your wallet might not agree to it. But instead of worrying, try FirstStop Auto. Located in Dubai, it provides you with brilliant solutions for your car – sedan, SUV, or a commercial van. Each technician is well experienced. If you are considering FirstStop Auto, know that your car is in safe hands.


Services available at FirstStop -Premium Partner available at

A full range of garage services
  • alignment__wheel_alignment_with_adjustment_and_inspection_of_		both_axles Wheel alignment

    Wheel alignment with adjustment and inspection of both axles

  • alignment__wheel_alignment_with_adjustment_and_inspection_of_both_axles Wheel alignment

    Alignment: Wheel alignment with adjustment and inspection of both axles.

  • battery_change_and_test Battery Change & Test

    Offering battery replacement along with testing services.

  • do_you_repair_punctures Puncture Repair

    Get punctured tires repaired anywhere in the UAE

  • do_you_install_run_flat_tyres Install Run Flat Tyres

    Installation of run-flat tires for high-end vehicles.

  • do_you_offer_a_mobile_tire_fitting_service Offer a Mobile Tire Fitting Service

    Mobile tire fitting service at home, office, or anywhere in UAE.

  • nitrogen_filling Nitrogen Filling

    Offering nitrogen filling for your tires.

  • wheel_rotation_services Wheel Rotation Services

    Get your tires rotated to increase tire life & performance.

  • wiper_change Wiper Change

    We will swing by to repair or replace your wipers.

Facilitiesavailable at FirstStop -Premium Partner

A range of customer facilities are available
  • a_dedicated_waiting_room_with_seating Waiting Room

    Offering a dedicated, air-conditioned seating room.

  • toilet_facilities_men Men Toilets

    Providing separate washrooms for the gents.

  • toilet_facilities_women Ladies Toilet

    The Ladies are provided with separate washrooms.

  • child_friendly Child Friendly

    The seating room is completely child friendly.

  • air_conditioning Air Condition

    Offering air conditioned waiting area to beat the summer heat.

  • beverages_hot_and_cold Beverages

    Make the most of your waiting time by sipping on cold/hot beverages.

  • free_wifi Free Wifi

    Watch a video or play a game on our Free WiFi.

Installer Survey Ratings

  • By: Przemek Tomczuk
    Apr 28,2016

    Lovely service, quick installation - the finest kind.

  • By: Mr. A Ashfaq
    May 14,2016


  • By: Mr. Stuart Marsden
    Nov 16,2016

    Good job

  • By: Mr. Hamid Butt
    Nov 22,2016

    Your workshop is your space to manage. If there are issues with it such as renovation or closure, then its courtesy to call the... Read More

  • By: Mr. pharuehat kaewphumhae
    Dec 09,2016

    Fast but low quality, they don't even use the torque wrench to proper tighten the wheels (it could cause serious road accident). I asked... Read More

  • By: Mr. Johann de Bod
    Mar 23,2017

    Service was excellent - I'll definetely be back.

  • By: Mr. Abdulla Aljallaf
    May 06,2017

    All good

  • By: Mr. Johann de Bod
    May 14,2017

    My new rim was damaged by the installer, whi I had to pay to get fixed, so I wont use them again.

  • By: Mr. Marc Brinkis
    May 31,2017

    Good service, friendly sraff8

  • By: Mr. Philip Morgan
    Jun 24,2017

    Excellent service

  • By: Rizwan Chowdhari
    Jul 06,2017

    Great service.. staff were reliable and were quick to answer all questions I had satisfactorily.. keep it up!

  • By: Miss. Kirstie Lawton
    Jul 15,2017

    Excellent service

  • By: wayne campbell
    Jul 16,2017

    Staff were very helpful and efficient

  • By: Mr. jeme heness
    Jul 17,2017

    Good/ Sufficient

  • By: Mr. Syed Umair Wasim
    Aug 05,2017

    At the time of purchase i was promised by the representative from pitstop arabia that i will receive free alignment for the car, however... Read More

  • By: Mohamed Kazzaz
    Aug 06,2017

    Very good team, i waited for a while but it was okay.

  • By: Mr. Kore Enevoldsen
    Sep 16,2017

    A fine experience

  • By: Dr. Mouhamad Elhayek
    Sep 19,2017

    Very good

  • By: Ahmad Faraz Siddiqui
    Sep 30,2017

    Good job

  • By: Mr. Bernard Sano
    Oct 17,2017

    So far so good. Quick services

  • By: Mr. Wesley Bowles
    Dec 14,2017

    Need torque wrench for checking correct torque of wheel nuts after installation.

    Dec 21,2017

    great and friendly service - highly recommended

  • By: Mr. Abderrahim Moutaouakil
    Dec 26,2017

    Thank you

  • By: Mr. Ahmed Makda
    Jan 01,2018

    Excellent service

  • By: Mr. Raymond Theard
    Feb 18,2018

    Quick service and advice for future services.

  • By: Mr. Chris Butwan
    Mar 02,2018

    Honest and friendly, got the job done. I wanted to do alignment but they did not have the socket required for a BMW X1 2016 to do... Read More

  • By: Andreas Constantinides
    Apr 06,2018

    No waiting. Straight in and out. Perfect.

  • By: Chris Medeiros
    Apr 21,2018

    The service was quick and the employees were informative. Unfortunately, if they break something, they charge the customer for the repair.

  • By: Mr. Marcus Vilaca
    May 14,2018

    Efficient and polite

  • By: Mr. Marc Brinkis
    May 15,2018

    Friendly, fast. Gave a hint for the alignment while analysing old tires and their wear

  • By: Mr. Marcus Vilaca
    Jun 06,2018

    Knowledgeable and efficient. The location is of easy access.

    Jun 12,2018

    your employees should have a better attitude and not waste my time for 90mimutes to install 4 wheels

  • By: Julio Roberts
    Jul 01,2018

    He did a great job and was a professional.

  • By: Mr. John Ramsell
    Jul 30,2018

    Very prompt service. Was greatly appreciated that they swapped my spare wheel tyre and reinstalled the spare wheel for me. Wheel balancing... Read More

  • By: Ioana Stan
    Aug 29,2018

    The installer took over an hour to change my tires as he attended at least 3 other customers .After the tires were removed it took 30mins... Read More

  • By: Mr. Minjae Lee
    Sep 10,2018


  • By: Mr. Anton Minin
    Oct 16,2018

    Professional and fast service. Extremely pleased.

  • By: Mr. David Priest
    Oct 24,2018

    Could do with a coffee machine in the waiting area.

  • By: Cristan Limbasan
    Oct 28,2018

    Keep up the good work.

  • By: Kresimir Vican
    Oct 31,2018

    It was decent service in general

  • By: Mr. Shernan Mayoyo
    Dec 26,2018

    First, installer is FirstStop and not Pitstop so the employee was confused if I am on the right place for fitting my tires until I saw... Read More

  • By: Mr. david priest
    Jan 03,2019

    Excellent quick service, friendly staff.

  • By: Leon Stetic
    Jan 09,2019

    Everything was great

    Feb 28,2019

    Good service but only one employee so quite long for the install

  • By: Mr. Claudio Cardin
    Mar 11,2019

    Easy to find,good service in terms of speed and courtesy.

  • By: Mr. Harman Aujla
    Apr 21,2019

    Poor level of English and very rude. There was no customer serviceIn addition, the garage wasn't even open for 0900 (the opening time) and I... Read More

  • By: Mr. Mohamed Nayle
    Apr 22,2019


  • By: Mr. Ivan Christiansen
    Aug 19,2019

    Excellent service

  • By: Mr. Darren Norris
    Sep 03,2019

    Was not informed about waiting room & was left to find it myself.

  • By: Mr. Jeff Scanlin
    Sep 05,2019

    Good work with the installation.

  • By: Mr. Andrew Scott Ritchie
    Sep 14,2019

    Great service

  • By: mahmoud saad
    Oct 09,2019

    I hope that you will be more accurate in determining the date of receiptthanks a lot .

  • By: Mr. Ala Amawu
    Feb 11,2020


  • By: Mr. Rafael Dias
    Feb 13,2020

    Good experience

  • By: Mr. Abdulla Hamoodi
    Feb 13,2020

    Thank you

    Mar 31,2020

    Installer must be nice and self-possessed to the customer.

  • By: Dr. Neven Mitrovic
    Jun 27,2020


  • By: Mr. Jacob Olano
    Oct 01,2020

    Commendable. Thanks.

  • By: Leon Stetic
    Dec 30,2020


  • By: Mr. Tom Obrien
    Mar 31,2021

    Could show a little more enthusiasm. I usually tip but, not when you appear disinterested

  • By: Mr. Vikram Shetty
    Apr 07,2021

    Thank you

  • By: Mr. Thomas Midbo
    May 22,2021

  • By: Thani Alromaithi
    Aug 22,2021

    Friendly and respectful

  • By: Mr. Craig Griffin
    Apr 07,2022

    Installation good, however due to the wheel size ballancing could not be done at the installation place and i needed to go elsewhere and... Read More

  • By: Mr. Omar Nimer
    Nov 23,2022

    AED 100 for 4 valves others include this in the cost to fit. this maybe because tyres purchased online.

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