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Having a car can be a problem too as it requires regular maintenance. Your wallet might not agree to it. But instead of worrying, try FirstStop Auto. Located in Dubai, it provides you with brilliant solutions for your car – sedan, SUV, or a commercial van. Each technician is well experienced. If you are considering FirstStop Auto, know that your car is in safe hands.


Services available at FirstStop -Premium Partner available at

A full range of garage services
  • alignment__wheel_alignment_with_adjustment_and_inspection_of_		both_axles Wheel alignment

    Wheel alignment with adjustment and inspection of both axles

  • alignment__wheel_alignment_with_adjustment_and_inspection_of_both_axles Wheel alignment

    Alignment: Wheel alignment with adjustment and inspection of both axles.

  • battery_change_and_test Battery Change & Test

    Offering battery replacement along with testing services.

  • do_you_repair_punctures Puncture Repair

    Get punctured tires repaired anywhere in the UAE

  • do_you_install_run_flat_tyres Install Run Flat Tyres

    Installation of run-flat tires for high-end vehicles.

  • do_you_offer_a_mobile_tire_fitting_service Offer a Mobile Tire Fitting Service

    Mobile tire fitting service at home, office, or anywhere in UAE.

  • nitrogen_filling Nitrogen Filling

    Offering nitrogen filling for your tires.

  • wheel_rotation_services Wheel Rotation Services

    Get your tires rotated to increase tire life & performance.

  • wiper_change Wiper Change

    We will swing by to repair or replace your wipers.

Facilitiesavailable at FirstStop -Premium Partner

A range of customer facilities are available
  • a_dedicated_waiting_room_with_seating Waiting Room

    Offering a dedicated, air-conditioned seating room.

  • toilet_facilities_men Men Toilets

    Providing separate washrooms for the gents.

  • toilet_facilities_women Ladies Toilet

    The Ladies are provided with separate washrooms.

  • child_friendly Child Friendly

    The seating room is completely child friendly.

  • air_conditioning Air Condition

    Offering air conditioned waiting area to beat the summer heat.

  • beverages_hot_and_cold Beverages

    Make the most of your waiting time by sipping on cold/hot beverages.

  • free_wifi Free Wifi

    Watch a video or play a game on our Free WiFi.

Installer Survey Ratings

  • By: Mr. Nagarajan Ramakrishnan
    Apr 08,2017

    Professional service done. Very happy????

  • By: andrei sima
    Apr 15,2017

    Great staff and service

  • By: Daniel Nelson
    May 31,2017

    great service - nice facility. Ramadan Kareem!

    Jun 04,2017

    Good Service and Kindful Staff

  • By: Mr. Shaf Hassan
    Jul 17,2017

    Overall they did a good job.

  • By: Kevin McCallion Kevin McCallion
    Aug 05,2017

  • By: Mr. Aladdin Madwar
    Aug 10,2017

    Good professional serviceVery fast and high talanted staff

    Sep 11,2017

    Excellent service. I would highly recommend this installer

  • By: Mr. Fahaad Siddiqui
    Sep 13,2017

    It was professional environment and nice & clean waiting area with good customer service. 10 /10

  • By: Mr. Rohit Singhal
    Oct 02,2017

    Great service no issues at all

  • By: Faizan Shaikh Faizan Shaikh
    Oct 29,2017

    The people on the desk was not very welcoming. no smile nothing. while booking it said they have wifi. but they said wifi not working.

  • By: karl street
    Oct 30,2017

    very polite and helpful

  • By: Mr. Samir Abdulrahman
    Nov 01,2017

    Very good and fast

  • By: Mr. Joji Varghese
    Nov 22,2017


  • By: Thomas Larmour
    Dec 06,2017

    The technician who carried out the installation had an excellent attitude, and commenced the installation 45 minutes before their closing time.... Read More

  • By: Mr. Mohamad Baker Agha
    Jan 09,2018

    Quick, clean Simply put

  • By: Mr. Aflah Anwar
    Jan 14,2018

    Installation took more than an hour. It can be done much quicker

  • By: Dr. Yousef Alhelou
    Mar 12,2018


  • By: Mireille Samson
    Mar 15,2018

    everybody was super nice. Keep up the good work!

  • By: Reed sylvester
    Mar 19,2018

    All worked without problems and on time. Would use aain

  • By: Mrs. AURELIE Fornara-Baurain
    Apr 01,2018

    Professional work, provided the extra work requested (brakes deep cleaning) free of charge

  • By: Mr. Robin Taulelei
    Apr 19,2018

    Very helpful.

  • By: Àřmããņï Khan
    Apr 22,2018

    It was bad experience they only give paority to there there own customer

  • By: Nils Engelmann
    May 15,2018

    Happy customer

  • By: Dr. Dean Cairns
    May 15,2018

    Excellent service. Were ready for my arrival and I waited in comfort whilst they installed the tyres.

    May 30,2018

    Previously dropped by for basic service and inquiries and was not disappointed. Courteous staff who respond to queries to the point and... Read More

  • By: Mr. Kristina Wolff
    Jun 19,2018

    The staff was extremely friendly - in the office as well as the mechanic

    Jun 26,2018

    Excellent !!!!

  • By: Mr. Jerry Lablache
    Jul 01,2018

    Incompetent, installed Tyres wrongly, lack of attention to detail

  • By: anton gusarov
    Jul 15,2018

    Good as always. Although there is a slight vibration so I'll have to go back and re-check the balancing

    Jul 15,2018

    Experienced staff, very good and quick professional service

  • By: Mr. Rodolfo Marlo Bautista
    Sep 20,2018

    Professional. Had to come back the next day to recheck the balancing, they did so without any charge and made sure everything was ok.

  • By: Mr. Mohamed Alalawi
    Sep 27,2018

    Fast and clean

  • By: Mr. Laszlo Gobolos
    Oct 06,2018


  • By: Mr. Paul Fenton
    Nov 08,2018

    Great service, quick fitting and balance, great combination with the Pitstop Arabia delivery.

  • By: Al-amin Yahiya
    Nov 27,2018

    Overall very excellent service.

  • By: Mr. Chris Hewson
    Dec 11,2018

    I ordered the wrong tyres by mistake. The lady was really helpful in organizing for the right tyres to be delivered as quickly as... Read More

  • By: Mr. Belal AlBlooshi
    Dec 26,2018

    Thank you

  • By: Mark Hartley
    Jan 08,2019

    Total time waiting for tyre install was 2 hours - due to lack of available ramps and extensive work being carried on on other vehicles.

  • By: Mr. Ramu Venkataraman
    Jan 08,2019

    Till now all is fine

  • By: Mr. Inyong Choi
    Jan 30,2019


  • By: Mrs. Javairia Bajwa
    Mar 03,2019

    Great Service

  • By: Mr. Julian Krawec
    Mar 06,2019

    Very good

  • By: Mr. Abdel Hadi Mustafa
    Apr 07,2019


  • By: MylA Vargas
    Apr 21,2019

    They are very helpful and knowledgeable.

    Apr 30,2019

    Good work

  • By: Mr. Babu Kamath
    May 02,2019

    Professional service ????????

  • By: Mrs. Irish Belle Lim
    May 02,2019

    Quick installation and dealt in professional manner. Highly recommended!

    May 18,2019

    Completely satisfied

  • By: Dr. Jangseob Han
    Jun 11,2019


  • By: Adam Graber
    Jun 14,2019

    Very knowledgeable and helpful.

  • By: Mr. Ferdinand Catulin
    Jun 23,2019

    The shop was clean and the staff was professional

  • By: Houngkeun Lee
    Aug 18,2019


  • By: Mr. Mohamed Arbee
    Mar 09,2020

    On an overall, this installer is pretty good in terms of getting the job done - People actually installing the tyres, etc are doing really... Read More

  • By: Dr. salah eldin hussein
    Mar 22,2020

    did not receive final message when tyers were available I had to call and attend to ADNOC to check earlier massage stated will be available ... Read More

  • By: Mr. Hendrie Sukendro
    Jul 09,2020

    The facility is very good maintained and has customer waiting area that could watch his/her car being serviced. It is clean also.

  • By: Mr. Victor Niscu
    Sep 24,2020


  • By: Mr. Thakkiyudeen
    Oct 01,2020


  • By: Mrs. inge kooij
    Oct 26,2020

    Excellent service

  • By: Mr. Carl Dean Shaw
    Dec 27,2020

    Timely and professional service.

  • By: Mr. Zafirios Plakosas
    Jan 23,2021

    The best tracking service

  • By: Rafid Azzawi
    Mar 03,2021

    Damaged tyre sensor during installation

  • By: Mr. Eissa Alharthi
    Aug 16,2021

    Brought the car back due to vibration and they refused to even look at it and told me take it up with pitstop Arabia

    Sep 08,2021

    Excellent service

  • By: Mr. Riaz Mahomed
    Sep 19,2021

    Everything was completed easily.

  • By: Mr. Naden taha salapuddin
    Oct 07,2021

    I encountered problem with the installer specially name khalid the machanic...probably maybe bacaused im a filipino and i bought the tyre... Read More

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