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If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy automotive service centre in the UAE, then Tyre Plus is easily among the top choices. Tyre Plus offers all types of automobile related services including regular maintenance and repair. The cost? The centre offers the most competitive rates while ensuring the highest quality standards.


Services available at TYREPLUS SAFEER -Times Square -Premium Partner available at

A full range of garage services
  • ac_service_and_top_up A/C Service & Top up

    AC servicing, repairing, and replacement along with gas refilling.

  • alignment__wheel_alignment_with_adjustment_and_inspection_of_		both_axles Wheel alignment

    Wheel alignment with adjustment and inspection of both axles

  • alignment__wheel_alignment_with_adjustment_and_inspection_of_both_axles Wheel alignment

    Alignment: Wheel alignment with adjustment and inspection of both axles.

  • battery_change_and_test Battery Change & Test

    Offering battery replacement along with testing services.

  • brakes Brakes

    Brake services including pads, rotors, or complete replacement.

  • do_you_repair_punctures Puncture Repair

    Get punctured tires repaired anywhere in the UAE

  • do_you_install_run_flat_tyres Install Run Flat Tyres

    Installation of run-flat tires for high-end vehicles.

  • nitrogen_filling Nitrogen Filling

    Offering nitrogen filling for your tires.

  • oilfilter Oil/Filter

    Maintenance & repairing of oil filter to remove pollutants.

  • wheel_rotation_services Wheel Rotation Services

    Get your tires rotated to increase tire life & performance.

  • wiper_change Wiper Change

    We will swing by to repair or replace your wipers.

Facilitiesavailable at TYREPLUS SAFEER -Times Square -Premium Partner

A range of customer facilities are available
  • a_dedicated_waiting_room_with_seating Waiting Room

    Offering a dedicated, air-conditioned seating room.

  • toilet_facilities_men Men Toilets

    Providing separate washrooms for the gents.

  • toilet_facilities_women Ladies Toilet

    The Ladies are provided with separate washrooms.

  • child_friendly Child Friendly

    The seating room is completely child friendly.

  • air_conditioning Air Condition

    Offering air conditioned waiting area to beat the summer heat.

  • beverages_hot_and_cold Beverages

    Make the most of your waiting time by sipping on cold/hot beverages.

  • free_wifi Free Wifi

    Watch a video or play a game on our Free WiFi.

Installer Survey Ratings

  • By: Mr. Prakash Kanjaria
    Jun 22,2020

    Well done

    Jun 22,2020

    Wheel alignment not free only inspection free they saying. For that they can say directly wheel alignment charge is there. Atleast we can... Read More

  • By: Mazhar Mirza
    Jul 13,2020

    Thank you. Job done very well and recommended.

  • By: Mr. Hussam Nazzal
    Jul 16,2020

    Thanks.. Service was fast and friendly staff

  • By: Mr. Ibrahim Iftikhar
    Jul 17,2020

    Good service, keep it up

  • By: Mr. Vladimir Sabljarevic
    Jul 24,2020

    Great guys

  • By: Mr. Tamer Refaat
    Jul 24,2020

    Good customer service and

  • By: Edward Attwood
    Aug 04,2020

    Prompt, polite and very helpful - the job could not have been done quicker, thank you

  • By: Mr. Vineet Mohandas
    Aug 04,2020

    After checking tyre pressure after a week - pressure in one tyre was correct (35)Two tyres were higher (38,39) and one tyre was much lower (19)

  • By: Mr. Meyrajuddin Shah
    Aug 13,2020

    Extra charges of aed 200 taken from the customer for wheel alignment, not happy about this.....

  • By: Mr. Vishay Mehra
    Aug 13,2020

    Great service and very happy.

  • By: Mr. Jacek Wozniakowski
    Aug 17,2020

    All was fine. They could just wipe the rims after changing, left them dirty.

  • By: Mr. Haroon Rashid
    Aug 24,2020

    Their service for installation of tires is perfect. BUT for ALIGNMENT, in my opinion, they are the worst in the whole universe. They left... Read More

  • By: Mr. Zeiyad Nagaria
    Sep 01,2020

    Good and fast

  • By: Mr. Bikram Mohanty
    Sep 04,2020

    Good service

  • By: Anton Uskov
    Sep 09,2020

    Very nice installer

  • By: Mr. Olaf
    Sep 18,2020

    Professional and good quality

  • By: Mr. Darren Booth
    Oct 01,2020

    Very professional, polite and caring attention.

    Oct 04,2020

    Quick Service clean waiting rooms.

  • By: Mr. Boris Stojsavljevic
    Oct 21,2020

    Very professional. I felt my car is in good hands.

  • By: Mr. Aziz Latip
    Oct 28,2020

    Excellent and friendly Service!

  • By: Mr. Abdul Salaam
    Nov 15,2020

    Wheel alignment should be free, rest of the services were good

  • By: Ezzat Habra
    Nov 21,2020

    The installer is great. You feel welcomed and you know your car is on professional hands

  • By: Mr. Camille Matta
    Nov 21,2020

    prompt and professional service. well maintained shop and they made me feel welcome.

  • By: Mr. Paolo Carlomagno
    Nov 25,2020

    They wanted to sell alignment without asking - I said no. Anyway good service

    Nov 26,2020


  • By: Mr. Girish Bhatia
    Dec 06,2020

    I got an excellent price from pitstop arabia

  • By: Mrs. Leanne O'Rourkes
    Dec 07,2020

    Easy and efficient. Thanks

  • By: Mr. Yamen Fakhreddine
    Dec 09,2020

    Job well done as expected

  • By: Mr. Vikram Kelkar
    Dec 14,2020

    Too pushy for taking extra services

  • By: Mr. Mohamad Fawaz
    Dec 27,2020

    Good all over service, thanks

  • By: Kevin OConnell
    Jan 04,2021

    tire alignment prices should be clearly displayed. should not need to bargain regarding this prices. Apart from that the team were very fast... Read More

  • By: Mr. Leandro Bento
    Jan 12,2021

    The alignment was not done properly and the car was unstable. I had to go to a different car shop to do a proper alignment and to get the... Read More

  • By: Miss. Arlene
    Jan 12,2021

    It’s misleading to not specify inclusions and exclusions on the website upfront. Every time I have changed my tires alignment was free

  • By: Mr. Mohamed Metwally
    Jan 12,2021

    its was good experience, professional team

  • By: Mr. Stefano Villa
    Jan 16,2021

    Wheels alignment had some issues, so I went back in the afternoon and they fixed it.All in all they have been kind and followed up

  • By: Mrs. J Mackay
    Mar 01,2021

    Exvellent service

  • By: Mr. Ferdinand Dayrit
    Mar 03,2021

    My rim got chipped and scratced during tire replacement.

  • By: Mr. Carl Childs
    Mar 03,2021

    The facility was extremely clean and organised. Very efficient and diligent staff. Was definitely consider using them again

  • By: Mr. Tim Stewart
    Mar 30,2021

    Very helpful and friendly service

  • By: Mr. Omar Magdy
    Mar 31,2021

    I will definitely keep coming back for oil and other services.

  • By: Mr. steen simon
    Mar 31,2021

    they didn't do proper alignment and wheel balancing had to go back 3 times

  • By: Mr. Ali Sheikh
    Jun 03,2021

    I was pleased with the efficiency of TyrePlus-Safeer - Al Qouz. My tires was immediately replaced with proper check up and care.The crew... Read More

  • By: Mr. FAIZ ZAFAR
    Jun 08,2021

    Good service

  • By: Mr. Praveen Haridas
    Jun 27,2021

    The installer had a well equipped facility with trained staff to the job.

  • By: Mr. asad bawaney
    Jul 27,2021

    The alligment done was wrong and the staff was rude who was doing the alligment and didnt agree on wrong readings and just said car is ok,... Read More

  • By: Johnson Sunil Dsouza
    Aug 18,2021

    All the staff and managers were polite; service was quick. I haven't faced any issues so far with the car.

  • By: Mr. Dan Martinez
    Aug 24,2021

    Very good service will return

  • By: PLANET MODA TRADING LLC TRN: 100386426900003
    Dec 06,2021


  • By: PLANET MODA TRADING LLC TRN: 100386426900003
    Dec 06,2021


  • By: Mr. Hitender mahani
    Dec 06,2021

    Efficient and quick

  • By: Mr. Mansour Faried
    Dec 14,2021

    very good and professional

    Jan 03,2022

    Super fast service, no waiting and good customer support.

  • By: Mr. Prashanth
    Jan 05,2022

    Very professional and well informed team. The work was done very swiftly and very courteous owners! It was a pleasure going to Tyreplus at... Read More

  • By: Mr. Tamer Qeblawi
    Jan 19,2022

    These guys did an amazing job.

  • By: Mr. Hani Jurdi
    Jan 20,2022

    Installer was good enough, there was some delays but they dealt with my needs very professional.

  • By: Mr Maged Barsoum
    Jan 27,2022

    The guys in there was really helpful and explaining the problems and its effect

  • By: Mr. Sudarshan Avadhany
    Feb 13,2022

    Exceptional team and great cleanliness. I will return for sure.

  • By: Mr. Badran A. R. Badran
    Feb 26,2022

    Very good service overall. New tyres were installed within one hour. Alignment was performed but the result was just OK, not great.... Read More

  • By: Mr. Patrick Salgert
    Mar 21,2022

    Best Tyre Store found this far…THX

  • By: Mr. Parthiban Kalaimani
    Mar 30,2022

    Had a huge waiting time even after going with appointment. Worst experience

  • By: Hamza SAHRAOUI
    May 21,2022

    The staff were super friendly will highly recommend tyre plus

    Jun 04,2022

    Area is clean, staff was courteous . There is a separate waiting area ; also they offered tea.

  • By: Mr. Prabin Chhetri
    Jun 22,2022

    Installers were very good

  • By: Mohamed Eid
    Jun 29,2022

    Nice place and people

  • By: Mr. Martin Knights
    Aug 25,2022

    Include a fixed price for the wheel alignment and not just verbally negotiate at the time of installation… AED 350 is too high for 10... Read More

  • By: Mr. Sahibzada Aftab Khan
    Aug 25,2022

    Keep up the great service you provide. Appreciate the professionalism, honesty and courtesy. Since I have no complaints, I am obliged to... Read More

  • By: Atreyu Tan
    Oct 07,2022

    Well done! They took good care of my wheels.

  • By: Mr. ِAmer Al Jarah
    Oct 25,2022

    Ripoff for side services. The employees didn’t want to tell me the fixed price and tried to negociate for his own benefits

  • By: Ezee Stop Tyres Trading
    Nov 23,2022

    The car wheels were not balanced properly and I had to bring back the car to their store despite I purchase the deliver at home service

  • By: Miss. Alina Margarit
    Jan 04,2023

    Great service!

  • By: Muhammad Irfan Siddiqui
    Feb 20,2023

    Great experience

  • By: Mr. Safwan Hijazin
    Sep 20,2023

    They are a professional team from the call till they get my tires installed and ready . I highly recommend them .

  • By:
    Nov 05,2023

    was very bad experience !

  • By:
    Nov 05,2023

    Tyre shop was great staff were prefect the communication between PITSTOP and garage was awful !

  • By:
    Feb 17,2024

    Alignment is usually 100 aed, I checked with other tire shops as well. Installer asked me 350aed. I said it’s a bit unreasonable considering... Read More

  • By:
    Feb 23,2024

    Friendly staff

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