Pilot Super Sport MO1


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One Year Road Hazard Cover



5  Years Warranty

Detail & Pricing

  • Size: 245/35 R19
  • Sidewall Style: Black Wall
  • Serv. Desc: 93 Y ?
    Load Index 93 = 1,432.99lbs (650kg) per tire
    Speed Rating “Y”= 186.41mph (300kph)
  • UTQG: 300  AA  A
  • Year: 2024
    • F
    • A
    • 71
Price Per Tyre (Fitted & Balanced)
Regular Price AED 1,593.08 Special Price AED 1,361.61
AED 1,361.61 AED 1,593.08
Set of 4: AED 5,446.44
Can install: Tomorrow
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SKU: ps_171455457790 Pilot Super Sport by Michelin. Tyre Size: 245/35 R19
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Product Description and Features for Michelin Pilot Super Sport

Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires are engineered for exhilarating performance, drawing inspiration from the world of endurance racing.  These tires are classified as Ultra High Performance (UHP) Summer tires. They deliver ultimate precision handling thanks to a technologically advanced tread design featuring a variable contact patch 2.0. 

Michelin Pilot Super Sport boasts a high-density Bi-compound tread that reinforces the tread area, ensuring forces are distributed evenly to resist wear and tear. These tires are ideal for high-performance cars, sports cars, and luxury sedans that prioritize handling, grip, and responsiveness on dry roads.

Ratings & Reviews

Average Rating:


4.1 Out Of 5

10 = Superior, 0 = Unacceptable, N/A = Trait not experienced

Wet Grip


Dry Grip


Cornering Stability


Steering Responsiveness


Ride Comfort


Noise Level



Note:Consumer Servery Rating are from 1-10 with being 10 is highest;
Superior (8.6 - 10)
Excellent (6.6 - 8.5)
Fair (4.6 - 6.5)
Good (2.6 - 4.5)
Unacceptable (0 - 2.5)

Fully Fitted Price per tyre

There are NO EXTRAS to pay on the day of your visit - in relation to the tyre fitting.

The following is included in the price,

  • VAT
  • Fitting (Bead lock wheel etc. excluded)
  • Balancing
  • New rubber valve (standard valve only)
  • Delivery to installer
  • Disposal of old tyres
  • On purchase of 4 tyres, 1 FREE scheduled instance of tyre rotation every 20,000kms per year

PitStopArabia.com is dedicated to distributing top quality tyres that perform at peak level. To prove our belief, all tyre brands on PitStopArabia.com now come either with a Limited Time or a Lifetime Warranty, For FREE!

Limited Time Warranty

The Limited Time Warranty provides you cover for a specified period, in the unlikely event your tyre develops a manufacturing fault due to the process or materials used.

Lifetime Warranty

The Lifetime Warranty provides you cover of the Life of the tyre in the unlikely event of your tyre develops a manufacturing fault due to the process or materials used.

Warranty Terms

  • PitStopArabia.com will arrange to replace your tyre if the tyre exhibits a defect due to the manufacturing process or the materials
  • PitStopArabia.com Warranty covers only Tyres that are fitted by an installer within the PitStopArabia network.

Tyre replacement and/or credit will be calculated based on the amount of tread depth at the time the claim is evaluated by a PitStop Arabia or the manufacturer’s representative.

Other than manufacturers' applicable warranties, there are no further warranties, expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any application.

What’s not covered in Warranty

  1. Accidental damage – Punctures or leaks caused by objects; bulges or bubbles as a result of hitting a kerb etc..
  2. Damage caused at the time of installation or removal of the tyre itself
  3. Tyres may develop shallow and limited cracks overtime with usage. These are cosmetic and are not covered under warranty.
  4. Damage as a result of failure to properly care for the tyres:
    • Running tyres under or over inflated; Failure to maintain correct tyre pressures
    • Modified suspension configurations out vehicle manufacturers specifications
    • Exceeding loads defined by the vehicle manufacturer
    • Incorrect balancing or Alignment related issues
    • Incorrect fitment of tyres on wheels not conforming to vehicle’s OE recommendations
  5. Damage through inappropriate use through:
    • Using tyres for unsuitable means
    • Using of defective / unsuitable wheels
    • Using tyres where specification is improper for the vehicle
    • Damage due to vehicle defect or issue
  6. Damage caused as a result of incorrectly used inflation devices and/or due to contact with hazardous materials or fluids
  7. Damage as the result of racing, competition or offroad use
  8. Acts of vandalism / theft
  9. Fire damage / acts of God
  10. Tyres that are bought from PitStopArabia.com but not installed by a PitStopArabia.com partner installer
  11. Tyres claimed under Warranty should be retained for inspection. No warranty can be claimed if the affected tyre cannot be inspected.

How to claim

Please contact our team of tyre experts at [email protected]

Our team will take you through the process and arrange for tyres to be assessed.

On completion of the tyre assessment, we will be in touch to confirm any appropriate credit due.

The level of credit due to you will be based upon the tread depth your tyre had left at the time of the fault. The following credit table shows the amount of credit you could be entitled to:

Tread Depth Credit
7mm+ A new tyre, same as your existing tyre, will be provided free of charge
6mm - 6.99mm A new tyre - the same model as your current tyre - will be provided with a 80% discount applied, based on the PitStopArabia.com price at the time of the claim.
4mm - 5.99mm A new tyre - the same model as your current tyre - will be provided with a 60% discount applied PitStopArabia.com price at the time of the claim.
2.6mm - 3.99mm A new tyre - the same model as your current tyre - will be provided with a 40% discount applied PitStopArabia.com price at the time of the claim.
2.59mm or below Zero – No credit for tyres with tread depth 2.59mm or less

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