Goodyear tyres Dubai & UAE drivers can trust to perform on the road

Goodyear is a multinational tire manufacturing company based in the United States that develops tire and rubber products for a wide variety of vehicles, from automobiles and motorcycles, to race cars and airplanes. It is one of the biggest tire manufacturers in the world today, owing to the fact that it had been one of the first to adopt radial tire technology after Michelin developed it in 1946 – a move that allowed to it to grow its sales from $3 billion in 1969 to $10 billion in 1985.

It gained further recognition in 2008, when it was officially recognised as one of the most respected companies in America, according to Forbes magazine and the Reputation Institute. Today, it is a highly recognisable auto parts brands in the world, and a leading innovator in tyre technologies.

Good Year Tyres: Introducing new technologies for better road comfort, performance, and safety

Good Year did not build its brand on a single success. It has grown as a company by innovating, developing, and introducing new technologies that make tyres safer, smarter, and more durable. Over the years, the company has developed numerous innovations that make Goodyear tyres one of the preferred brands in terms of road performance and reliability.

It has developed RunOnFlat, which is a design that allows you to maintain control over your car, even after your tyres blow out, thus minimising the risk of accidents. For the rainy days, the company has developed Good Year tyres with WearControl Technology, which helps reduce fuel consumption and allows drivers to stop over a shorter distance when braking. The company has also introduced ActiveGrip Technology, which drastically improves the distribution of pressure across the surface of the tire for better handling and performance, even on wet surfaces.

And if you love bringing your 4x4 SUV to scale sand dunes, craggy mountains and rocky terrain in Dubai or anywhere in UAE, you can opt for Goodyear tyres that are equipped with Silent Armor Technology, for better protection against tyre punctures and cuts.

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