Pilot Sport 2

The Michelin Pilot Sport 2 combines top-of-the-line innovative design and quality material to produce an max performance tire for sporty cars and performance sedans. It is fitted as O.E. (Original Equipment) with various prestigious sports vehicles.

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The Pilot Sport 2 is constructed with Dual Compound Technology featuring a semi-slick external tread for superior dry traction, and enhanced wet performance compound in the inner shoulders. Variable Contact Patch Technology helps evenly distributes footprint pressure for crisp cornering and improved acceleration capabilities. The low-profile treads feature an asymmetrical tread pattern with large outboard shoulders as well as notched ribs design that offer precise steering and enhanced stability for stability during both straight-line driving and cornering. The combination wide circumferential with lateral grooves enhances wet traction and reduces risk of hydroplaning. The internal construction with high-tensile, twin steel belts reinforced by spirally-wrapped para-aramid cords that ensures a smooth ride with responsive steering, improved high-speed stability and helps maintain tread area shape.

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