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Ended up in an accident? Looking to take your car for regular maintenance? If the answer is yes, then come straight to Super Carz. It ensures reliable and quality auto repair and maintenance services throughout the UAE. The ‘super’ is not just for name only. It stands for the highest possible quality of automobile related services at the most reasonable rates.

SuperCarz  Mobile - Abu Dhabi

الخدمات available at SuperCarz Mobile - Abu Dhabi -Mobile Partner available at

مجموعة كاملة من خدمات المرآب
  • battery_change_and_test تغيير البطارية واختبارها

    نقدم استبدال البطارية مع خدمات الفحص.

  • do_you_repair_punctures إصلاح الاطارات المثقوبة

    Get punctured tires repaired anywhere in the UAE

  • do_you_install_run_flat_tyres قم بتثبيت الإطارات المسطحة رون فلات

    تركيب إطارات رون فلات للسيارات عالية الجودة.

  • do_you_offer_a_mobile_tire_fitting_service Offer a Mobile Tire Fitting Service

    Mobile tire fitting service at home, office, or anywhere in UAE.

  • nitrogen_filling تعبئة النيتروجين

    توفير تعبئة النيتروجين لإطاراتك.

  • wheel_rotation_services خدمات دوران العجلات

    قم بترصيص إطاراتك لزيادة عمر الإطارات والأداء.

التسهيلاتavailable at SuperCarz Mobile - Abu Dhabi -Mobile Partner

تتوفر مجموعة من خدمات العملاء
  • a_dedicated_waiting_room_with_seating غرفة الانتظار

    توفر غرفة جلوس مخصصة ومكيفة.

  • toilet_facilities_men Men Toilets

    توفير دورات مياه منفصلة للرجال.

  • toilet_facilities_women دورات مياه سيدات

    يتم تزويد السيدات بدورات مياه منفصلة.

  • child_friendly Child Friendly

    The seating room is completely child friendly.

  • air_conditioning مكيف الهواء

    توفر منطقة انتظار مكيفة للتغلب على حرارة الصيف.

  • beverages_hot_and_cold مشروبات

    حقق أقصى استفادة من وقت الانتظار من خلال تناول المشروبات الباردة / الساخنة.

  • free_wifi واى فاى مجانى

    شاهد مقطع فيديو أو العب لعبة على شبكة واي فاي ( انترنت ) المجانية الخاصة بنا.

تقييمات ورشة التركيب

  • By: Mr. Karl Stokes
    Jul 02,2017

    SuperCarz Shaktouk fitter was excellent. Great knowledge on the subject and quick efficient service. Recommended.

  • By: Dr. Jennifer McGlennon
    Jul 26,2017

    The gentleman did a mobile installation in 46.5 degree heat. He was wonderful and I appreciate his approach and thoroughness. Thank you.

  • By: Mr. johnny cherfan
    Apr 25,2020

    He is very gentle and fast

  • By: Mr. Peregrine Smith
    Jul 27,2020

    The was jacked off the jacking points and some plastic trim was broken underneath. Whilst the lifting gear was professional I'd rather the... اقرأ المزيد

  • By: Miss. Hasnaa
    Sep 13,2020


  • By: Dr. Alan Burke
    Oct 21,2020

    A very talented engineer, who completed the task quickly and efficiently. He ensured that I understood the works involved and ensured I... اقرأ المزيد

  • By: Mr. Kevin Farkas
    Nov 14,2020

    He was courteous and professional.

  • By: Mr. Sultan Alneyadi
    Dec 22,2020

    Good so far

  • By: Mr. FERG
    Jan 23,2021

    Extremely quick and efficient and did a great job.

  • By: Mr. Fadi Saade
    Jan 31,2021

    The service was impeccable. The team from the operator taking the order to the installer were excellent. Thank you

  • By: Nicholas Ramsey
    Feb 21,2021

    The smoothest process I've ever had regarding car maintainance or changing tires. I will use again for sure. The installer was amazing.

  • By: Mr. Muhammad
    Aug 31,2021

    Quick response and user friendly

  • By: Mr. Sachidananda
    Aug 31,2021

    Good Experience.

  • By: Nils Engelmann
    Oct 05,2021

    Outstanding service

  • By: Mr. Joy Caluma
    Oct 31,2021

    Very professional guy!

  • By: Mr Naveed Shahzad
    Dec 06,2021

    The installer was a gentleman and he treated me very well

  • By: Mr. Omar P Espiritu
    Jan 04,2022

    Installer is courteous and professional. Well knowledgeable in what he do. Highly recommended

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