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Stop and Go is one of UAE’s most trusted automotive service centers. Born in the heart of Dubai, Stop and Go promises reliable and competitive repair and maintenance services for all kinds of vehicles. With a roster of certified and seasoned car technicians, Stop and Go has built its name from the highest standards of professional car care and high-quality services.


الخدمات available at Stop & Go MOTOR CITY -Premium Partner available at

مجموعة كاملة من خدمات المرآب
  • ac_service_and_top_up A / C الخدمة وملئ

    AC servicing, repairing, and replacement along with gas refilling.

  • alignment__wheel_alignment_with_adjustment_and_inspection_of_		both_axles ظبط الزوايا

    Wheel alignment with adjustment and inspection of both axles

  • alignment__wheel_alignment_with_adjustment_and_inspection_of_both_axles ظبط الزوايا

    ظبط الزوايا : يتم محازاة الاطارات و ظبطها و فحص اتجاهاتها من جميع المحاور

  • battery_change_and_test تغيير البطارية واختبارها

    نقدم استبدال البطارية مع خدمات الفحص.

  • brakes فرامل

    Brake services including pads, rotors, or complete replacement.

  • do_you_repair_punctures إصلاح الاطارات المثقوبة

    Get punctured tires repaired anywhere in the UAE

  • do_you_install_run_flat_tyres قم بتثبيت الإطارات المسطحة رون فلات

    تركيب إطارات رون فلات للسيارات عالية الجودة.

  • nitrogen_filling تعبئة النيتروجين

    توفير تعبئة النيتروجين لإطاراتك.

  • oilfilter مصفاة النفط

    صيانة وإصلاح فلتر الزيت لإزالة الملوثات.

  • suspension ايقاف عن العمل

    Replace or repair suspension parts like ball joints & tie rods.

  • wheel_rotation_services خدمات دوران العجلات

    قم بترصيص إطاراتك لزيادة عمر الإطارات والأداء.

  • wiper_change تغيير ممسحة

    We will swing by to repair or replace your wipers.

التسهيلاتavailable at Stop & Go MOTOR CITY -Premium Partner

تتوفر مجموعة من خدمات العملاء
  • a_dedicated_waiting_room_with_seating غرفة الانتظار

    توفر غرفة جلوس مخصصة ومكيفة.

  • toilet_facilities_men Men Toilets

    توفير دورات مياه منفصلة للرجال.

  • toilet_facilities_women دورات مياه سيدات

    يتم تزويد السيدات بدورات مياه منفصلة.

  • child_friendly Child Friendly

    The seating room is completely child friendly.

  • air_conditioning مكيف الهواء

    توفر منطقة انتظار مكيفة للتغلب على حرارة الصيف.

  • beverages_hot_and_cold مشروبات

    حقق أقصى استفادة من وقت الانتظار من خلال تناول المشروبات الباردة / الساخنة.

  • free_wifi واى فاى مجانى

    شاهد مقطع فيديو أو العب لعبة على شبكة واي فاي ( انترنت ) المجانية الخاصة بنا.

تقييمات ورشة التركيب

  • By: Mr. Subhan Khan
    Dec 10,2018

    1. Supplier was late in installing ties because of a power outage at supplier shop2. Tire pressure was un even and warning light was on... اقرأ المزيد

  • By: Mr. Aun Raza
    Dec 18,2018

    Clean, good service, but somewhat slow. Committed to a time, but took longer. Not a big deal.

  • By: Mr. Samer Al Halabi
    Jan 08,2019

    Excellent service

  • By: Mr. Ali Mseek
    Feb 28,2019

    Everything was great fast clean service

  • By: Mr. Kristian Lowe
    Mar 03,2019


  • By: Mr. Mladen Jevtic
    Apr 07,2019

    Everything was good, but they did inspection to the car for suspension problems on my request, but still didn't receive quotation for that... اقرأ المزيد

  • By: Mr. John Melki
    Apr 20,2019

    Very clean garage, very friendly staff, finished the job is a record time. very satisfied, thanks a lot

    Apr 30,2019

    Service good, no additional service obtained nor charged.

  • By: Mr. Syed Hajamohideen
    May 18,2019

    As expected

  • By: Mr. Riaz Syed
    May 19,2019

    The customer service at the stop & go motor city was not professional and very disappointing. I was not greeted when I arrived and the... اقرأ المزيد

  • By: Mr. John Sinclair
    Jul 16,2019

    Fantastic professional service

  • By: Mr. Ashok Kumar
    Jul 22,2019

    One of the premium installers I've ever seen.. shops ambience good.. employees are cooperative especially the tamil supervisor. They've... اقرأ المزيد

  • By: ramon tayeb
    Aug 18,2019

    nice and clean place,all good knowledgeable guys , very satisfied .Will definitively recommend and come back if i need to.

  • By: Mr. John Stadden
    Aug 18,2019

    Great experience, location, facility and very speedy fitting

  • By: Osama Malki
    Aug 29,2019

    I was not provided with an invoice and I was told it will be sent on WhatsApp but never was.

  • By: Mr. Marc Gillis
    Sep 03,2019

    We didn't use any waiting area, not aware if there was one available

  • By: Mr. Maurizio Bavaro
    Sep 09,2019

    I do recommend this installer

  • By: Philippe BREYNE
    Sep 14,2019

    Great experience and perfect job, Thank you very much...

  • By: Mrs. Stephanie Deighton
    Sep 17,2019

    Appart from initial confusion over who we had purchased the tyres, the service was great.

  • By: Karoy Petocz
    Sep 30,2019

    nice team quick and efficient work, suggested for anybody to use

  • By: Mr. Walid Dib
    Oct 02,2019

    Very professional staff. Accepted a walk-in for the tires changes and it was done in 15 minutes. Can't be better

  • By: Maurizio Bavaro
    Oct 07,2019

    Great team, very professional.

  • By: Miss. Barbara Samardzija
    Oct 07,2019

    Great service,attitude as well as professional approach

  • By: Mr. Ajay Naidu
    Oct 11,2019

    Although i was much earlier than scheduled time of installation, I was told that i had to wait as there were no lifts available. Also when... اقرأ المزيد

  • By: Mr. Karoly Petocz
    Oct 27,2019

    Great team

  • By: Mladen Jevtic
    Jan 20,2020

    I booked online for Saturday, but guys from stop and go told me they are fully booked and advice me to come next morning, then I show to... اقرأ المزيد

  • By: Mr. Rushdi Samaai
    Jan 21,2020

    Completely satisfied with the service receive, and the team went the extra mile. Well done and I will certainly return in the future.

  • By: Mrs. Leslie Bhavnani
    Feb 11,2020

    It was a good service, the installer prioritized my car once I arrived to their shop.

  • By: Mr. Fabio Fonseca
    Mar 09,2020

    everything was great and I had to wait little for the installation

  • By: Mr. Willem Both
    Mar 11,2020

    excellent quick service

  • By: Mr. IAN ROSS McSweeney
    Mar 19,2020

    Thank you!

  • By: Mr. David Mason
    May 11,2020

    Quick and efficient. Thanks

  • By: Mr. Yusuf Abdelrahman
    Jun 18,2020

    First time i booked for 7 PM but by the time i arrived there it was 7:20 and they were fully closed no one was there. 2nd time after the... اقرأ المزيد

  • By: Mr. Roger Raouf
    Aug 06,2020


  • By: Mr. Niall English
    Aug 27,2020

    I asked the guy who returned my car for a quotation for the brakes and bushings. He told me he would send it. That was a week ago and I... اقرأ المزيد

  • By: Mr. Sean Simpson
    Sep 28,2020

    Ordered my new rear tyres yesterday and went to Stop & Go to have them fitted today. Service from Wayl was exceptional!!!! I was greeted as... اقرأ المزيد

  • By: Mr. Evgeny
    Oct 01,2020

    Very good service, professional appearance and quality work.

  • By: Mr. Jose Almeida
    Jan 10,2021

    The tyre change was a good service and I did requested and was asked before committing to it if I did want the alignment done. What I... اقرأ المزيد

  • By: Mr. Syed Meesam Ali
    Jan 24,2021

    Need to be more courteous to all

  • By: Mr. Rolf Schroeder
    Jan 31,2021

    I will definitely not recommend that service. 1/ I asked them to fit metal valves and he confirmed that they have and will do - Then... اقرأ المزيد

  • By: Dr. Jun Ganzon
    Aug 06,2021

    happy ???? with the good service received

  • By: Mr. Simon Elkhaled
    Aug 16,2021


  • By: Mr. Baha Almonayer
    Sep 09,2021

    The installer was great, but given the fact that they don't allow you to enter the workshop or get near your car while they were changing... اقرأ المزيد

  • By: Mr. Mohamed Amar
    Sep 12,2021

    Had to dock a point because they overfilled my Maxima car tyres to 40 psi (required is 33psi which was clearly printed on the door side).... اقرأ المزيد

  • By: Mr. Matt Watson-Power
    Jan 03,2022

    Excellent all in all - the only pain was parking and getting near the place there were other cars double parked and it wasn’t that good... اقرأ المزيد

  • By: Mr. Emiliano Durante
    Apr 13,2022

    All good and on time

  • By: Xavier Estopa
    Jul 28,2022

    Very good service and timing.

  • By: Mr. Mussa Mohamed
    Oct 07,2022

    Keep good job!

  • By: Mr. Neil Barton
    Oct 14,2022

    Installer is top notch. They worked quickly and efficiently to ensure I was not waiting long, they pointed out possible issues my car may... اقرأ المزيد

  • By: زائر
    Jul 28,2023

    Super service

  • By:
    Jan 16,2024

    My first choice for all my cars lately: no issues with balancing, no scratches on rims, clean job and no headaches.

  • By:
    Mar 21,2024

    Great service!!!

  • By:
    May 28,2024

    Provider a good overall service no complaints would recommend them

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