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Car Insurance in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Buy PSA car insurance in Abu Dhabi, which includes multi auto services. We’re providing insurance to thousands of clients in Abu Dhabi, anywhere in the UAE. Our company covers a wide range of auto insurance that fits your vehicle needs.

Car insurance is an agreement/contract between an insurance provider and the owner of the vehicle. In case of an accident, or any damage to the car or the owner, the insurance company covers the expenses. It is done in exchange for a premium. The insurer also becomes liable to provide financial protection in case of damage done to other parties by the policyholder's vehicle.

Just like in other countries, car insurance is mandated by the government in the UAE. The two major plans here are - Third Party Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance. The benefits you get as a vehicle owner like liability, medical, and property protection depend on your plan type. You can add as many features to the plan as you want by customizing it.

This is where PitStopArabia steps in. To help car owners avoid the several days and weeks of research on insurance providers, suitable policies, and reliable vendors, we recommend them to you. Both legal and financial counseling is provided to the car owners before deciding on a plan at PitStopArabia. Next, to help the vehicle owners choose a suitable plan, they are connected with top insurance networks in Abu Dhabi based on their requirements and risk capacity.

Benefits of having Car Insurance Abu Dhabi

  • You get financial protection against loss or damage to the vehicle's property
  • In case of any third-party death or injury, you get complete & unlimited liabilities.
  • If there is any third-party property damage, complete indemnity is offered.
  • Gives complete peace of mind regarding your vehicle security during the drive.
  • In case of any natural disasters, thefts, or accidents, all the expenses are covered.
  • You can customize your plan and add other features according to your preferences.
  • A substitute vehicle is provided as an emergency replacement for an accidental car.
  • The services are accessible to even some jurisdictions that fall out of the UAE.
  • You can safely drive your car in desert terrains with off-road coverage.
  • Coverage is provided in the event of man-made catastrophes such as riots.
  • Transparent dealings between the insurance provider and the policyholder.
  • Your car remains in high market value in case you decide to sell the vehicle.

How to Claim your Car Insurance In Abu Dhabi?

PitStopArabia strictly adheres to all the car insurance laws and policies set and administered by the UAE government. This makes us the most trusted car insurance network in Abu Dhabi. The claim process here is very easy and transparent. Here are 6 simple steps you have to follow to claim your insurance:

  • 1-Contact Your Vendor

    To start the claim process, you need to act fast as a policyholder. For a fast claim settlement, please don't wait and contact our team, settle with your vendor and then proceed. You’ll be updated about all the stages of the process through an SMS.

  • 2-Provided Details About the Incident

    To secure a swift settlement, you first have to provide all the details of the incident. These details include the policyholder's name, time of the incident, date of the incident, duration, and policy ID. You also need to mention the plate numbers of any third parties involved.

  • 3-Contact the Police

    If you are involved in an accident, the first thing that you need to do is to contact the police. Once they arrive, they will make a report of the incident. The insurance companies rely on this report while working on your claim.

  • 4-Get the Additional Details

    For a successful and fast claim process, every detail matters. The details like the names and badge numbers of the officers who were there at the incident, names of the third parties involved, and even the weather condition, all these details are to be noted.

  • 5-Wait for The Surveyor’s Report

    A surveyor was assigned to your case. After providing all the details, you have to wait for the response. The surveyor will investigate the third parties involved and the entire claim for legitimacy. This might take some time but be patient.

  • 6-Receive Your Settlement

    When the surveyor's report is issued, the insurer will apply all the terms and conditions of your insurance plan. It will cover everything from the cost of the damage to the liabilities and the entire settlement claim. It’s time to get paid!

Types Of Vehicle Insurance In Abu Dhabi, UAE


  • comprehensive-insurance-uae Protection against third-party liability.
  • comprehensive-insurance-uae Car damages occur because of the car owner.
  • comprehensive-insurance-uae Damages due to fire and theft.
  • comprehensive-insurance-uae Coverage of the car accidents for the driver and passengers.
  • comprehensive-insurance-uae Coverage for Natural catastrophe


  • liabilty_insurance-1 Mandatory and available by the UAE law.
  • liabilty_insurance-2 Affordable insurance plan with add-ons.
  • liabilty_insurance-3 Protection against third-party liabilities.

What Does Car Insurance Include?

basic coverage

  • If the insured car breaks down during the journey, financial compensation is provided.
  • In case of any accident or breakdown, towing assistance is provided to the insured car.
  • In case of a flat tyre during your journey, tyre replacement service is provided.
  • In case of an accident or break down, a car extraction service through a crane is provided.
  • Car battery replacement is provided if the battery dies out in the middle of your journey.
car insurance dubai

Additional Coverage

  • Add the 5-year repair coverage option to your car insurance plan.
  • Medical expense coverage for the driver and the passenger are covered within 24 hours of the accident.
  • Any off-road damages sustained by the car are covered in the insurance plan.
  • Recovery service for any accident or breakdown of the vehicle is provided.
  • Financial protection for the damages done to the personal belongings in the insured car.
  • If the car keys are stolen or lost, the lock replacement cost is covered.
  • If the vehicle is less than six months old, complete financial coverage for a new car is provided.
  • If the vehicle is damaged due to any natural disaster, all of the expenses are covered.
  • Offer complete cost coverage for any windscreen replacement or dent removal.
  • When your vehicle is being serviced or repaired, you are offered a car rental service.

What Does Car insurance not Include?

car insurance uae
  • General maintenance of the car isn’t covered in car insurance plans.
  • The mechanical repairs in case of an accident depend on the warranty of the car’s manufacturer.
  • Damage to the engine due to oil leakage.Damage to the engine due to oil leakage.
  • Insurance is completely void if the policyholder or any other person is driving the vehicle under the influence of an intoxicating substance.
  • Any accidental loss due to some foul play.
  • The insurance won’t cover any damage if the person driving the vehicle does not have a valid driving license.
  • If the vehicle is damaged or the driver or passenger gets injured due to war, terror attacks, mutiny, or foreign action.

Abu Dhabi Top Car Insurance Companies

  • car insurance companies uae AXA CAR INSURANCE

    AXA car insurance is one of the best and the most renowned car insurance brands with top-notch insurance plans for vehicle owners in the UAE. It is listed No.1 in global insurance brand rankings and a favorite among car owners.

  • car insurance companies uae ADAMJEE INSURANCE Company In UAE

    When it comes to one of the most trusted insurance companies in the GCC, ADAMJEE insurance comes in the top 3 positions. It has quite a good reputation in the UAE and offers a very broad spectrum of car insurance plans.

  • car insurance companies uae NOOR TAKAFUL INSURANCE Provider

    Noor Takaful is reputed for its fast and efficient claim services. The most appealing factor here is that it's all based on Islamic Sharia laws and offers a great range of insurance features, addons, and customized plans for car owners.

  • car insurance companies uae AMAN INSURANCE Company

    Another top-ranked insurance company in UAE that offers car, marine, and fire insurance plans. This company covers both third-party liabilities, comprehensive plans with several other add-ons, and affordable coverages.

  • car insurance companies uae UNION INSURANCE COMPANY

    The Union Insurance company was established in 1998. After building its strong corporate footprint, it quickly spanned its services all across the UAE. The brand is best known for its competitive, customizable and affordable plans.

Calculating Your Car Insurance

  • Purpose of Your Car Usage
  • Your Claims History
  • Number of Driving Years
  • Car Manufacturer and Model
  • Car’s Manufacture Year?
  • Market Value of the Vehicle

Documents You Need to Get Your Car Insured

To register your car for insurance, you only need a few basic documents at PitStopArabia. The information includes the details of your car like the place of registration, manufacturing year, and the estimated value of your vehicle. Other than this, you must provide your details like

  • Contact information
  • Nationality
  • DOB
  • The country where your first driver's license was registered
  • Your full name, and
  • Years of driving the car without any insurance.

How to File Your Claim

Submitting the claim is a straightforward process where you have to contact our customer support team. Upon contact, you'll be directed to one of our representatives, who will process your claim immediately. All you have to do is to tell what happened in detail and then let us take care of it. We'll take action right away, and you won't have to worry about taking up any hassle.

Our team will take action right away without wasting a moment.

car insurance dubai,uae

Why Get Car Insurance In Abu Dhabi From PitStopArabia

  • It’s the most renowned car insurance platform in Abu Dhabi.
  • Based on your risk capacity, you’ll be offered customized quotes.
  • You’ll be directed to a global network of top car insurers.
  • It’s a leading automobile insurance provider in Abu Dhabi.
  • Dedicated assistance with hassle-free coverages.
  • SMS updates regarding all the stages of the process.
  • Complimentary services like tyre replacements and jump-start car batteries.
  • Get special discounts when purchasing tyres and batteries.


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