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UAE’s Biggest Car Brake Service Hub

  • Car Brake Inspection Inspection, Service,
    and Repair

    Routine brake inspection is crucial for your car’s optimal performance. We offer inspection, repair and service for all types of brake parts, car models and makes

  • Replacement of Brakes Replacement of
    Brake Parts

    Every brake part needs replacement at some point of its tenure. Pitstop Arabia provides the fast, high-quality, and onsite car brake installation service in UAEs

  • OEM Parts We Only Use
    OEM Parts

    We connect you with UAE’s most trusted car brake experts who only use OEM parts so there is absolutely no compromise on quality and safety.

In Brakes We trust

Timely servicing or replacing your vehicle’s worn-out brake system is critical for ensuring your car performs as efficiently and effectively as it was originally designed. Pitstop Arabia connects you with UAE’s biggest network of Car Brake service providers so you get the fastest, most trusted and competitively priced services in town.

Trusted and Top Rated

  • Service/replacement of brake shoe brake or pad, resurfacing
    brake rotors or drum, replacement of brake fluids
  • Using cutting edge technology, the expert technicians inspect
    every element of your braking system
  • Brake service and replacement for both passenger and
    fleet/commercial vehicle needs
  • After service/installation assessment to ensure optimal
    performance of the vehicle
  • Using Pitstop Arabia you save up to 40% compared to taking
    your car to a random auto repair shop

Highest Quality

  • Fastest response and expert counseling through 24/7 support team
  • We only provide OEM brake parts from authorized distributors
  • Biggest network of authorized car brake service providers in UAE
  • Onsite installation through trained technicians and hardware experts
  • Premier warranty of brake parts, 1-year or 25,000 kilometers

Complete Brake Services

  • Computer controlled diagnostics to pinpoint exact area of
    dysfunction in braking system
  • Replacement services for parking brake shoe, rear brake shoes,
    brake pad, brake rotor, calipers, drum hardware, master cylinder,
    brake hoses, and break cable, etc.
  • Complete brake light inspection, hand brake repair, brake disc
    skimming, brake oil change / brake fluid change
  • Precise resurfacing of brake discs to guarantee a perfect fit
    between rotor/disc and brake pads
  • State-of-the-art brake skimming to ensure less braking
    vibration and noise from the system

Signs Your Car Brakes Need a Time-Out

  • Brake Warning Light Brake Warning Light

    Amber glowing of the brake dashboard light, which basically indicates that your anti-lock brake system (ABS) is having problems

  • Steering Wheel Shaking Steering Wheel Shaking

    When brake rotors are distorted, the steering wheel starts to shake. This usually happens when brake rotors are exposed to extreme heat

  • Spongy Brakes Spongy Brakes

    The brakes often become spongy when air enters the brake system. This is a sign that your brake fluid needs to be removed of air or bled.

  • Squealing and Grinding Squealing and Grinding

    Squealing and grinding are all unmistakable signs that there is something seriously off, from dust build up and contaminated brakes, to worn out brake pads


  • review by Farhan Rasheed

    I did not know about PitStopArabia before my friend told me. I went for brake checkup. Service & staff is good.

  • review by Basit Raza

    Service is good.

  • review by Muhammad Toqeer

    The people were very professional & they take very little time to fix my issue.

  • review by Ibrahim Tariq

    The service was just okay.

  • review by Zark Akram

    I went for my scheduled checkup. Surprisingly, I did not have to wait even for a minute. The staff checked my car & diagnosed that the rotors were worn. They replaced them. Now, I don’t feel vibration in my car.

  • review by Kamlesh Suraj

    Thoroughly professional.

  • review by Zohaib Abbas

    Quality of work done is very good. Highly recommend to others.

  • review by Shamsheer Khan

    Don’t waste any time to diagnose the issue.


  • How often should I get my brakes checked?

    Once a year is recommended. However, if you feel that the brakes are not working properly, it is advisable to get them checked right away.

  • What is brake fluid?

    Brake fluid is what makes your brakes work. When you press down the brake pedal, the fluid is sent to each caliper by the brake lines. The fluid activates the brake pads. It then creates the necessary friction to stop the car.

  • For how long does brake fluid last?

    If the brake fluid is unused & sealed in a bottle, it lasts for 2 years. Once you put it inside your car, its life depends upon how you use your brakes. Nevertheless, it is advisable to have your brake fluid changed every two years. The reason is that it absorbs moisture which reduces its performance.

  • How to detect brake fluid leak?

    Brake fluid leak is very hard to detect. But in most cases, you will find something similar to motor oil leaking from underneath. In that case, drive your car into the nearest service centre to have it professionally checked.

  • What are rotors?

    Brake rotors are also referred to as disc brakes. They are the circular discs located with each tire. Rotors create the necessary friction for slowing down a vehicle.

  • How often should I get my rotors checked?

    There is no standard duration. Nevertheless, you should get them checked at least once every year. The life of rotors depends on a lot of factors including your vehicle type and driving style.

  • Why does my brake vibrate when I push down on the brake pedal?

    The most common reason is that the rotors are unevenly worn. In case you feel vibration, get your brakes checked right away.

  • What is the average cost of repairing car brakes?

    It depends on the damage. Brake repairing costs vary from component to component.

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