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Legal Limit for Car Tinting in UAE

Car tinting is not only a great solution for improving the privacy of the car, but also serves as a sound investment to enhance the cosmetics of your vehicle, increase protection against sunlight, and achieve additional shielding against breaking and trauma to the glass. According to the 2017’s law in the UAE, 50% tinting is allowed on car windows except the wind screen. Before that, the legal limit for tinting was only 30%.

Therefore, choosing a reliable and trusted car tinting service provider for your car is crucial to avoid any fines or penalties. Fines on illegal tinting start from AED 1000 and go up depending on the excess over the stipulated limit of 50%.

Types of Car Tint

  • The most common car tints are made from a thermoplastic polymer resin compound, Polyethelene Terepthalate (PET). Once applied to the glass, it helps in absorbing heat, provides thermal insulation, and effectively shields from UV rays by filtering the incoming light.

  • Generally, there are 3 main types of car tinting films used in the UAE. There is metallic, ceramic and regular carbon nanofiber varieties. The different types of tint films vary in their compounds, quality, and price. Ceramic film for example is a top of the line tinting option that is made of ceramic nanofibers that allows better UV absorption and cooling.

  • In the UAE where summer temperatures can hit extreme limits, protecting your car from sunlight and surrounding heat is imperative for preventing any damage to your car and your health. Excessive sun contact and exposure to heat can lead to health problems such as tanning and skin cancers.

    • Fortunately, at Pitstop Arabia we offer all types of tinting films from leading brands in the UAE.

Things to Consider When Tinting Your Vehicle Windows and Wind Screen

Getting your tint done from an inexperienced vendor or using a poor quality film will not only waste your money, but also blur the vision from your glass and cause damage to it when removed. Therefore, we always insist on using high quality materials for tinting and getting the job done from an expert.

In UAE where temperatures can go as high as 50 degrees Celsius, poor tinting choices and improper application often leads to several undesired results for owner. In many cases the cheaper film starts to bubble and loses color only within a few months of installation. On other instances, the material begins to interferes with the radio frequencies, car navigation and defrosting and irrigation systems of the car.

Moreover, a bad tint job can cost you Dh3,000 to Dh4,000 for tinting cars such as a SUV.

  • Filtering Incoming Light
  • Filtering Incoming Light
  • Filtering Incoming Light
  • Absorbing Heat
  • Protecting from Sunlight
  • Protecting from Sunlight

Tips for Improving the Visibility and Longevity of Your Tinted Glass

Here are some tips to ensure the longevity of your glass tint.

  • Soap or ammonia free detergents can be used in a spray bottle to clean the tint surface.
  • Always claim warranty from the service workshop. Warranty will be void if vehicle is sold to new owner.
  • Do not attempt to remove the tint yourself or it may reduce the visibility of the glass or leave its surfaced damaged.
  • Once the tint film is installed, the material takes 2-3 weeks to fully cure on the glass.
  • Do not lower the windows right after the tint has been installed. Allow the film to set for at least one week before lowering the windows.
  • Wash the windows once after one week of installation to ensure maximum serviceability and long life of the tint film.
  • Use a soft cloth or synthetic sponge for cleaning of the tinted glass. Never use scrubbers, steel wool, or rough cloth for cleaning.

Cleaning Recommendations

As one of UAE’s biggest car services provider, we share a vast network of tinting film suppliers. We value our customer’s comfort and satisfaction above everything else and offer the biggest range of tint films from world’s leading brands in UAE.

All our tinting products and installation procedures adheres to UAE’s Federal Traffic Laws so you always have a safe and pleasant experience while driving your vehicle. Moreover, you can remotely order our tinting services and our experts will arrive at your place to get the film installed.

You can order from wide range of shades and top selection of brands depending on your needs and preferences. A high quality tint is able to effectively protect car interiors, and provide improved comfort to car owners.

How Much Does Car Tinting Cost in Dubai?

The cost of tinting car windows and windscreen depends on the tinting brand, material of the film as well as the auto center hire services from. On a rough estimate, a good tinting job for a sedan can cost anywhere around AED 500 to AED 1200 depending on the dimensions of the glass and the choice of tint material. For a large SUV the cost comes around AED 2500 to AED 3000.

The average life span of a tint film is up to 5 years but top brands usually offer lifetime guarantee. These tints are made from special heavy duty materials designed to stand the test of time and provide superior protection.


  • review by Ali Kalair

    Very satisfied with the service. The paper is of very good quality.

  • review by Sheikh Ali

    I got my windows tinted from elsewhere before. The guy scraped my glass and left scratches. This time I tried these guys. The workmen seemed professional. The work quality is very good. Highly recommended.

  • review by Mohammad Shumair

    I liked how these guys use latest tools and techniques while doing the work. The paper quality is also very good. Feels imported.

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    The work is very high quality.

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    I love how friendly these guys are. Very good people to work with. They removed the previous paper themselves.


  • Is Window Tinting legal?

    UAE allows window tinting but up to 50% only. Complete window tenting is banned.

  • Will I be able to see outside with the tints?

    The new papers are quite good in quality. Your vision will not be impaired while driving due to the tinted paper.

  • What types of tints do you offer?

    We offer all types of window tints including carbon, dyed, and metalized.

  • What are the advantages of window tints?

    There are numerous advantages of window tints. It offers privacy, and also blocks out sunlight and UV rays.

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