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Periodic Maintenance Services at PitstopArabia

Providing proper care for your vehicle usually requires some extra effort on you end. Fortunately, with today’s technology you really don’t need to be mechanical expert to understand that your car needs a visit to the maintenance center. For optimal vehicle upkeep, it is crucial that your car gets periodic maintenance to ensure its engine performance and cosmetic condition is top notch. By knowing your car is in top-running, you not only get to avoid unwelcomed breakdowns and expensive repairs down the road, but also ask top dollar at the time of resell.

Here, the biggest challenge is often finding the right car general maintenance provider who understands your car’s needs and takes care of it like its own. At Pitstop Arabia we offer the you the hassle free method of getting your car’s routine maintenance at the convenience of a call. You can simply call or message us about your car model previous maintenance details and we will connect you the best service center that fits your desired requirements.

What does Periodic Maintenance of your car cover ?

  • general Car Maintenance

    We always recommend getting general car maintenance on a routine basis. This includes a thorough examination by certified car technicians to check radiator hoses, air filter, fan belts, and issues associated with engine noises.

  • Servicing

    Waxing your car exteriors every six months is imperative. Waxing compounds protect the surface from contaminants and irritants that can damage paint and cause it to fade, corrode, or even peel off.

  • Brakes

    Routine brake inspection is essential for maintaining your car safety. Get your brakes checked by certified technicians ensure all your brake components are working at optimal performance and which parts need service, repair or replacement.

  • Tyres

    Periodic tire maintenance includes full inspection of the tires by ASE-certified technicians. This gives you a detailed overview of your tire’s current health, any damage to it, or if it needs to be replaced with a better tire.

  • Serpentine Belt

    The serpentine belt powers peripheral devices such as your power steering pump, alternator, and air conditioner compressor. A routine inspection helps identify if the belt has any cracks or forms of wear and tear.

  • Coolant

    Heat is your car engine’s enemy and it is the coolant’s job to restore its optimal temperatures. Like most car fluids, coolant should be regularly checked to make sure it is serving its purpose. Most coolants need replacement after 60,000 miles.

  • Oil Change

    Timely changing your vehicle’s oil is necessary for maintaining a fuel-efficient and high performing engine. You also get a chance to recycle your used oil and oil filter, get cabin filter and air filter inspected, and check levels of important fluids.

  • Spark Plugs

    Spark plugs are one of the key components of your car’s engine and require periodic inspection to ensure smooth function. A well maintained spark plug will sustain your engine power and help it run at optimal capacity.

  • Battery

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Why Choose US

Pistop Arabia has stellar track record for helping car owners find their desired car maintenance solutions in UAE.

  • Biggest Network

    Pitstop Arabia has the biggest network of auto motor-service providers in UAE and connects thousands of car owners daily with the best maintenance and service centers in town.

  • 24/7 Support

    Our dedicated support team is always on the lookout to help you answer your questions and find you the best general maintenance center at the nearest location to you.

  • Professional Standards

    We make sure all service centers are under strict adherence of international standards and UAE automotive laws. This includes equipment, parts, labor, and car care products.


  • review by Shakeel Mansour

    I must admit that I did not maintain my vehicle properly. It led to problems. I went to these guys. They made a few repairs and replacements. Now been visiting them for regular maintenance. Very satisfied with their work.

  • review by Mohammad Salman

    Been associated with them for the past 3 months. Fuel efficiency has improved. Car feels better than before.

  • review by Aisha

    Bought an old car. It was in poor condition. A friend recommended them to me. Went to them and I am not disappointed. They don’t rip you off!

  • review by Samuel

    Been driving an old Audi A4. Go to these guys for maintenance. Car is still working like a beauty.

  • review by Dinesh

    The prices are reasonable.

  • review by Akash

    Absolutely love how these guys don’t waste time. They conduct an audit and tell you that the car requires this and that maintenance.


  • Why is my Check Engine Light On?

    There are various reasons that result in the Check Engine Light coming on. It may mean that there is a problem with the engine, a broken sensor, or a loose cap. When the light turns on, it is best to get the problem checked right away.

  • Is the engine oil important?

    It is one of the most vital components and ensures that the engine works without a hitch. In regular maintenance, our technicians will check/change the engine oil.

  • When do I need to replace my car battery?

    Car batteries have a fixed life after which you will start experiencing problems. Typically, a car battery lasts between 3-4 years.

  • How will I know when to replace a car part?

    All components have a fixed life after which you need to replace them. There is no fixed end date for the components. We can only confirm after conducting a complete check up of the vehicle.

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