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Why Your Need Car Wash in Dubai?

A desert metropolis that experiences some of the highest temperatures in the region, Dubai is also home to the largest number of vehicles registered within a city. According to a survey in 2015, there was enough cars in the city that every 2 residents could have one. But due to harsh climate and struct ownership laws, having a car in Dubai demands special care to ensure optimum performance of the vehicle.

Therefore, a good car wash at home is important for preserving the cosmetic appeal of your car and saving countless hours of time and effort that you could otherwise spend on yourself. Sandstorms are a common scenario in Dubai and often in the aftermath 80% of cars get covered in sand and dust. This not only diminishes the looks of your vehicle, but also makes the exteriors and paint more susceptible to peeling, cracking and fading.

Car Wash UAE

Car Wash Services Near Me

There are different types of car cleaning services that we cater, from manual car wash and automatic car wash, to steam and foam wash.
To maintain top cleaning standards, we only select vendors that use 3M products, top of the line equipment,
and have a trusted track record with clients.

Car Wash Dubai Usually Includes

  • Interior and exterior steam cleaning Full Exterior and Interior Car Wash Services
  • Quick detailing of the car Deep Car Detailing Service in UAE
  • Steam cleaning of the engine Steam cleaning of the engine
  • Anti bacterial treatment Anti-bacterial treatment

Why Choose PitStopArabia For Mobile Car Wash

PitStopArabia is here to help you find the best car cleaning company in Dubai. We connect you with a top nearest car wash in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, and all cross the UAE so you don't have to waste your time in searching and exchanging calls. Moreover, we also help you get the car wash home service at your convenience as our car cleaning technician will arrive at your place and take over the rest.

  • Fast and Customer Compliant Fast and Customer Compliant

    We understand that most car owners are short on their time. Therefore, only trusted 24 hour 'car wash centers near me' that have a proven customer satisfaction track record is suggested. So, you can easily get your car cleaned even when you are on the go.

  • Environment first Company Environment-First Company

    We always go for environment-first approach and try to contribute in every way we can to preserve nature. This is why we never allow wastage of water and always connect you with eco-friendly car wash service providers who share our passion.

  • Top of the Line Products Top of the Line Products

    All car washing products are procured directly from proud eco-friendly brands that manufacture non-abrasive and non-toxic, natural car washing chemicals. This helps us prevent any damage to the ground water and prevent health risks to car owners.

  • Professional Crew Professional Crew

    All technicians and auto car wash staff at our selected centers are certified experts with over 5 years of experience in cleaning and handling different types of vehicles. The crew is chosen on strict guidelines and trained to operate the most advance equipment.


  • review by Mohammad Ali

    I just came across these guys by chance. Definitely a good experience.

  • review by Hamdan

    Quite happy with their services.

  • review by Abdullah Faisal

    The people are quite friendly and professional.

  • review by Masoud

    The service and people are alright. Will go again. Highly recommend it to people who are looking for quality work at reasonable prices.

  • review by Mansour bin Salman

    The servicemen were quite professional. What I liked most about them was their behaviour with me. They addressed all my queries in a respectable manner. Would go again.

  • review by Hamdah Al Ali

    The car was quite dirty, but these guys did a very good job. The car smells very nicely too.


  • What type of cars do you wash?

    We wash all types of cars including commercial vehicles as well.

  • How frequently should I get my car washed?

    Depends on how you use it. Once every two weeks is recommended irrespective of use. It helps protect the paint as well.

  • Will you wash pickup trucks as well?

    Yes, we will. However, make sure that the bed is empty.

  • What kind of soaps and detergents do you use?

    We only use high quality materials that are specially designed for use on vehicles.

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