Sand Dance Tyres- AL QOUZ 4

47 22nd St, Al Qouz 4, near Yateem Group office.

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Sand Dance Tyres provides the most exceptional and professional service in UAE in a very timely manner. Their prices are fair, and technicians are skilled enough to get any job done. Whether its tire installation, vehicle repair or just regular maintenance, Sand Dance Tyres provides all types of automobile-related services.

Sand Dance Tyres- AL QOUZ 4

Services available at Sand Dance Tyres- AL QOUZ 4 -Premium Partner available at

A full range of garage services
  • ac_service_and_top_up A/C Service & Top up

    AC servicing, repairing, and replacement along with gas refilling.

  • alignment__wheel_alignment_with_adjustment_and_inspection_of_		both_axles Wheel alignment

    Wheel alignment with adjustment and inspection of both axles

  • alignment__wheel_alignment_with_adjustment_and_inspection_of_both_axles Wheel alignment

    Alignment: Wheel alignment with adjustment and inspection of both axles.

  • battery_change_and_test Battery Change & Test

    Offering battery replacement along with testing services.

  • brakes Brakes

    Brake services including pads, rotors, or complete replacement.

  • do_you_repair_punctures Puncture Repair

    Get punctured tires repaired anywhere in the UAE

  • do_you_install_run_flat_tyres Install Run Flat Tyres

    Installation of run-flat tires for high-end vehicles.

  • nitrogen_filling Nitrogen Filling

    Offering nitrogen filling for your tires.

  • oilfilter Oil/Filter

    Maintenance & repairing of oil filter to remove pollutants.

  • suspension Suspension

    Replace or repair suspension parts like ball joints & tie rods.

  • wheel_rotation_services Wheel Rotation Services

    Get your tires rotated to increase tire life & performance.

  • wiper_change Wiper Change

    We will swing by to repair or replace your wipers.

Facilitiesavailable at Sand Dance Tyres- AL QOUZ 4 -Premium Partner

A range of customer facilities are available
  • a_dedicated_waiting_room_with_seating Waiting Room

    Offering a dedicated, air-conditioned seating room.

  • toilet_facilities_men Men Toilets

    Providing separate washrooms for the gents.

  • toilet_facilities_women Ladies Toilet

    The Ladies are provided with separate washrooms.

  • child_friendly Child Friendly

    The seating room is completely child friendly.

  • air_conditioning Air Condition

    Offering air conditioned waiting area to beat the summer heat.

  • beverages_hot_and_cold Beverages

    Make the most of your waiting time by sipping on cold/hot beverages.

  • free_wifi Free Wifi

    Watch a video or play a game on our Free WiFi.

Installer Survey Ratings

    Mar 17,2018

    Very good

  • By: Mr. Chandan Prakash
    May 08,2018

    Gr8 work guys..

  • By: Mr. Syed Nazeer
    Jul 09,2018

    Excellent customer service. Stayed late, beyond closing time, to install my tyres. Thank you!

  • By: Mr. William Ward
    Oct 01,2018

    Great service, polite guys, no problems very helpful

  • By: Mr. Lee Eyre
    Oct 03,2018

    Good service, helpful staff.

  • By: Mr. Abbas Ziyad
    Apr 18,2019


  • By: Mr. david mcgee
    Aug 28,2019

    Once I had found the location everything went perfectly. Wonderful experience and service. Thank you

  • By: Mr. Ferdinand Paredes
    Sep 14,2019

    Workers were rough with wheels and installation in general

    Jan 30,2020

    Professional service rendered; not a minute wasted

  • By: Mr. Ahmed Rostom
    Aug 04,2020

    Thank you for the quality service

  • By: Mr. Khaled Ahmed Reda
    Aug 16,2020

    I was impressed with the positive attitude and proficiency of the operators installing the tires. They allowed me to examine the tires... Read More

  • By: Mr. Jethanand Deepchand
    Oct 27,2020

    Absolutely professional.

  • By: Mr. Abderraouf Lakhal
    Nov 14,2020

    All went well. Professional team.

  • By: Miss. Hana Pogranova
    Nov 21,2020

    I was very happy with Sand Dance. I would definitely recommend this place to others. Thank you!

  • By: Mr. Manoj Kumar M
    Dec 09,2020


  • By: Mr. Chris
    Dec 20,2020

    Great service. Fast and efficnet. Well-priced, also

  • By: Mr. Rogério Pereira de lima
    Dec 27,2020

    Mohammed and Sandro were extremely helpful and nice .

  • By: Mr. Hamed
    Jan 05,2021


  • By: Mr. Balazs Cserne
    Jan 14,2021

    This place is a hidden gem among the hundreds of messy and unreliable tyre shops. I got my full set of tyres replaced here after purchasing... Read More

  • By: Mr. Shane kearns
    Jan 31,2021

    No hassle and not trying to push extras. Friendly environment

  • By: Mr. Georges Chamoun
    Mar 03,2021

    Highly recommended!

  • By: Mr. Aadil Ishfaq
    Jul 25,2021

    Good guys. Very helpful knowledgable and quick

  • By: Mr. GUY WALKER
    Jul 26,2021

    Efficient service reception team, Prompt and professional tyre fitting, excellent communication

  • By: Mr. Nrupan
    Jul 26,2021

    Receptionist felt rude

  • By: AbdelHameed Moheeb
    Aug 24,2021

    very quick service specially at night

  • By: Mr. Mustafa Alani
    Aug 25,2021

    we went to installer on time but the tires was not arrived yet, as the installer said

  • By: Paul Willetts
    Sep 19,2021

    Sand Dance are the best in the business at what they do. Their wheel alignment is the very best you can get and they fit tyres quickly. Thank you

  • By: Mr. Kevin Nyaga
    Sep 19,2021

    I highly recommend your service and if i get chance to recommend more clients ,I wont hesitate. Well Done!

  • By: Mr. vigneswaran raju
    Sep 20,2021

    Good service and fast

  • By: Miss. Simone Narsi
    Sep 20,2021

    Very happy with your service!Thank you.

  • By: Mr. Konstantin Korolev
    Sep 29,2021

    It would be good if appointments were for specific time.

  • By: Mr. Mark Wilson
    Nov 13,2021

    They didn't open on time, didn't seem organized initially. Not much customer communication

  • By: Mr. Anand Lakshmanan
    Nov 20,2021

    Very good service

  • By: Mr. menard niebres
    Nov 21,2021

    a bit of waiting but still done properly

    Dec 06,2021

    Staff are superb

    Dec 14,2021

    The team at Sand Dance is really awesome. My car's wheel alignment was in a bad state and It was fixed in few minutes along with the... Read More

  • By: Mr. SilverHome construction LLC
    Dec 15,2021

    Good Customer Care & Prompt Service

  • By: Mr. Shyam Subramanian
    Jan 04,2022

    Quick & prompt service by the technician. Front desk service was ok.

  • By: Mr Duminda Mihiran
    Jan 04,2022

    I’m not totally happy with the customer care received from Sand Dance Tyres-Al Quoz due to below;- I felt like they were not caring me as... Read More

  • By: Mr. Deepak Rego
    Mar 01,2022

    I waited for 3.5 hours for the installation of tires on my car, despite making a prior appointment before visiting the workshop.

  • By: Mr. Vlado Zorc
    Mar 02,2022

    I have to wait for an hour since nobody came on time, they do not open the shop at hour which is published and was confirmed by them to... Read More

  • By: Mr. Priyadarsan Roy
    Mar 03,2022

    Excellent service.

    Apr 11,2022

    I arrived at the time of the booked appointment, and my car was processed quickly.

  • By: Mr. Mohamed Spartali
    May 22,2022

    very professional team. the workers inside are very helpful.

  • By: Mr. Armand Hadifé
    May 24,2022

    Great experience.

  • By: Mr. Paul Blades
    Jun 08,2022

    Excellent service

  • By: Mr. Moath Alrawashdeh
    Sep 28,2022

    Waiting time was long

  • By: Mr. Mahmoud
    Sep 30,2022

    Waiting time should be less

  • By: Mr. Jaideep Khemani
    Oct 08,2022


  • By: Gabriel
    Nov 16,2022

    Quick service

  • By: Miss. Ajmal Roshan
    Nov 23,2022


  • By: Mrs. Rasha Yousef
    Nov 30,2022

    They didnt have the tyre lock to open my porsche tyre since i didnt have. They couldnt install. Didnt even try. I went to another garage... Read More

  • By: Mr. Mohamed Wahdan
    Jan 04,2023

    Everything was perfect the employees were extremely skilful and helpful

  • By: Miss. Axelle BAIN-MAZOUZ
    Jan 10,2023

    On 10/2022 I had new tires fitted at Sand Dance Tyres- AL QOUZ 4.I was a customer of theirs, and until today, nothing to complain about.Now,... Read More

  • By: Mr. Gavin Mayhew
    Jan 25,2023

    Very quick - less than 45 mins to change tyres - great job.

  • By: Mr. Mustafa Jilani
    Jan 26,2023

    all was well

  • By: Dr. Mohamed Ahmed
    Feb 20,2023

    Excellent service, you will be my permanent choice. Keep it up!

  • By: Mr. Ahmed
    Aug 19,2023

    it eas good but unfortunately the wheel alignment was not good the car is little diverting right side

  • By: Mr. Ahmed
    Aug 19,2023

    it eas good but unfortunately the wheel alignment was not good the car is little diverting right side

  • By: Mr. Julius Philip
    Aug 30,2023

    The installer is very informative

  • By: Mr. Salim Idris
    Aug 30,2023

    Should recommend when it is best to rotate tires and discuss other service options

  • By: Mr. Mangalore Shetty
    Sep 19,2023

    The installer did not highlight the issue with the tie rod which was deformed to a large extent.

  • By:
    Jan 27,2024

    Excellent team, extremely professional and fast work, with everyone knowing what needs to be done .

  • By:
    Feb 15,2024

    All went well

  • By:
    Feb 15,2024

    Thank you

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