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Near Emirates transport, M -5, Musaffah

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sun 08:00 - 21:30
fri 08:00 - 12:00 & 15:00 - 21:00
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Tyre Rack

Services available at Tyre Rack -Premium Partner available at

A full range of garage services
  • ac_service_and_top_up A/C Service & Top up

    AC servicing, repairing, and replacement along with gas refilling.

  • alignment__wheel_alignment_with_adjustment_and_inspection_of_		both_axles Wheel alignment

    Wheel alignment with adjustment and inspection of both axles

  • alignment__wheel_alignment_with_adjustment_and_inspection_of_both_axles Wheel alignment

    Alignment: Wheel alignment with adjustment and inspection of both axles.

  • battery_change_and_test Battery Change & Test

    Offering battery replacement along with testing services.

  • body_shop Body Shop

    Spotless body restoration of the vehicle after minor/major damage.

  • brakes Brakes

    Brake services including pads, rotors, or complete replacement.

  • do_you_repair_punctures Puncture Repair

    Get punctured tires repaired anywhere in the UAE

  • do_you_install_run_flat_tyres Install Run Flat Tyres

    Installation of run-flat tires for high-end vehicles.

  • nitrogen_filling Nitrogen Filling

    Offering nitrogen filling for your tires.

  • oilfilter Oil/Filter

    Maintenance & repairing of oil filter to remove pollutants.

  • suspension Suspension

    Replace or repair suspension parts like ball joints & tie rods.

  • wheel_rotation_services Wheel Rotation Services

    Get your tires rotated to increase tire life & performance.

  • wiper_change Wiper Change

    We will swing by to repair or replace your wipers.

Facilitiesavailable at Tyre Rack -Premium Partner

A range of customer facilities are available
  • a_dedicated_waiting_room_with_seating Waiting Room

    Offering a dedicated, air-conditioned seating room.

  • toilet_facilities_men Men Toilets

    Providing separate washrooms for the gents.

  • toilet_facilities_women Ladies Toilet

    The Ladies are provided with separate washrooms.

  • child_friendly Child Friendly

    The seating room is completely child friendly.

  • air_conditioning Air Condition

    Offering air conditioned waiting area to beat the summer heat.

  • beverages_hot_and_cold Beverages

    Make the most of your waiting time by sipping on cold/hot beverages.

  • free_wifi Free Wifi

    Watch a video or play a game on our Free WiFi.

Installer Survey Ratings

  • By: Mr. Nigel Cann
    Apr 19,2021

    If carrying out a home service, do not arrange to do it a time where you feel it will be too loud to continue!

  • By: Mr. Alan Mc Girr
    May 24,2021

    Excellent service very friendly staff

  • By: Mr. Suliman Abdalla
    Jun 08,2021

    Keep up the good work

  • By: Mr. Rashed Mohamed Alkhoori
    Jun 10,2021

    The work was done excellently and professionally

  • By: Mr. Alexander Avramenko
    Jul 26,2021

    Good, everything was installed quick and checked allignment

  • By: Mr. Waqar Ahmed
    Aug 04,2021

    Not recommended

  • By: Tyler
    Sep 17,2021

    Thanks for the quick install!

  • By: Mr. Julian Charles
    Oct 18,2021

    Good job, by a professional team

    Oct 28,2021

    Nice experience

  • By: Mr. Auf Al-Habib
    Nov 13,2021

    At the time there was only one air gun available and been shared by 3 technicians that slowed the work. Too much arguments between... Read More

  • By: Mr. Stephen Byng
    Nov 13,2021

    Superb service!Friendly and efficient service

  • By: Mr. Jeffrey Uy Gelano
    Dec 06,2021

    Very good and quality service, would highly recommend

  • By: Christian Krist Donis
    Dec 06,2021

    Great Job

  • By: Mr. fadi basha
    Dec 07,2021


  • By: Mr Omar Mohammad
    Jan 05,2022

    Need to improve the quality of service.

  • By: Bruno Quinzico
    Feb 24,2022

    Effective service and good installations

  • By: Mr. Shimal
    Mar 21,2022

    The installers did the a very good job

  • By: Mr. Khaled Almazrouei
    Apr 06,2022

    Excellent location and fast service .

  • By: Mr. Mohamad
    Apr 21,2022

    None of the 6 tyres were balanced. I was informed by the installer that commercial tyres don't need a balance but after a bit if research... Read More

  • By: Mr. Ala Amawi
    May 10,2022


  • By: Mr. Hishan Fernando
    May 11,2022

    Very happy with the service provided. The staff are very courteous.

  • By: Mr. Parvin Huseynov
    Sep 16,2022

    Very professional.

  • By: Mr. Hamdan
    Oct 25,2022

    Experience technician. Has to improve some area

  • By:
    Dec 09,2022

    Well though the parts were changed but did not find much difference between the old and the new one, guess the old one could have worked

  • By: Mr. Michael Esteves Cruz
    Jan 03,2023

    Excellent service, fast and knowledgeable of work

  • By: Tim Hewkin
    Jan 15,2023

    Overall good service. I was a bit concerned with a wheel nut on the front left which seemed cross threaded but mechanic just persevered and... Read More

  • By: Mr. Kim
    Mar 10,2023

    Great service from Tyre Rack

  • By: Mr. Joseph Joy Caluma
    Sep 06,2023

    very efficient!

  • By: Mr. Taleb Aldhanhani
    Sep 08,2023

    Good Tyre

  • By: Mr. Bassam Al Shaibani
    Sep 12,2023

    A company like urs need to have a better partner

  • By: Mr. Nabil Harb
    Sep 21,2023

    Quick and organised

  • By: Mr. Mohammed Javed Kamran
    Sep 22,2023

    Very satisfactory installation of 4 tires. The technicians knew the correct methods of balancing and did a great job.

  • By: Mr. Marwan Aldweik
    Sep 22,2023

    Good workshop and staff very friendly and helpful

  • By: Ms. Lin
    Sep 25,2023


  • By:
    Nov 27,2023


  • By:
    Dec 05,2023

    Very goo installer with good service speed, very professional technicians and very welcome reception

  • By:
    Jan 15,2024

    Good service

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