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    Get your car bodywork, dents, and smart repairs at competitive price anywhere in UAE.

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    Get full inspection and repair professionally your auto bodywork and dents at PitstopArabia.

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Types of Bodyworks

  • Panel Beating

    When a car’s body is remodeled with different tools and techniques by expert auto technicians, the process is called panel beating. Panel beating is often required when you come across an accident the body of your vehicle gets damaged. The time and money a panel bodywork technician may take to repair it depends on the level of damages. It may be nominal for minor touchup and higher for major modifications, but it will always be lower than the cost of panel replacement.

  • Car Wrapping

    Car wrapping is a great method to safeguard your car from harsh weather conditions, rusting & chipping, and ultraviolet rays. Car wrapping can be used for changing the way your car looks by adding your favorite graphics and making it more appealing. Adding streaks or other signs can easily be obtained from experts upon requests with custom changes. For vinyl wrapping, the experts need to dismantle the door handles, lights, badges, and trims from the body before applying it.

  • Car Respraying

    Car respraying is a simple and effortless task. The time a carry respraying will consume depends on the facilities of the spray expert or body shop. The more advanced the body shop, the quicker it will perform the job. The facilities may vary between specialists. Some may latest-technology equipped spray booths that are capable of respraying vintage as well as modern cars. Such body shops are proficient in providing top-notch respray job and it becomes the best available system.

  • Expert Car Welding

    Car welding is a significant job in repairing the car body as it fixes various issues by perfectly attaching various metal pieces. Welding is associated with professionals only who are well trained and skilled. They should perform the job if they are confident in these skills. With the support of a welder or welding expert, you can easily get your car repaired even if it is severely damaged or part of the engine is fallen off. Pitstop Arabia can connect you with an expert rightaway

  • Complete Rust Removal

    Rust Removal is a simple job that can be performed without an expert’s assistance. However, it is necessary to take the extent of damage and volume of the affected area into consideration. It is a cathode, anode, and electrolyte that combine to rust the car body. You car metal works like an anode and cathode that reacts to electrolyte present in the water. For rust removal, you can buy effective products online or offline for a quick rust clearing job

  • Taking off Scratches and Scuffs

    It is common to have your car scratched or scuffed in Dubai. But, you can completely remove them with the right tools, expert knowledge, and effective material. Taking away the scratch is inexpensive than replacing the entire body part for example bumper, door handles, side mirrors, etc. Therefore, always consult an expert to see if he or she can fix the scratches rather than going for a complete replacement. It is best to remove the scratches before it expands and devalues your car.

  • Car Restoration Service

    Car restoration may start with the replacement of the panels and extended repair, welding, and rust and scratch removals of the side panels that are composed of the vehicle. Car restoration requires extensive work in the car body as the mechanic may dismantle it, remove every single part, get it fixed, and install again for perfection. Each body part may have to go through a series of jobs like rust and scratch removal, welding, and respraying. You can contact Pitstop for quote.

  • Traditional Dent Repair

    Dent repair also falls among the major repairs of the car body. It is similar to the job of panel beating that is discussed above in this guide. It requires beating or bashing the part of the body that is pushed into as a result of the accident. Such types of dent repairing involves methods that have been used for years and are labor intensive than machine dependent. Pitstop Arabia can help you find the right dent repair expert in Dubai to get your car back in shape.

using smart repair services

SMART repair is named after the Small Medium Area Repair Technology because the technology utilizes advanced tools, specialized paints, and modern materials to give you car a new-like look with the finest repairs of the damaged area Before the technology was introduced, mechanics used to suggest entire panel replacement for the damage, which meant more time, effort, and money.The progress in technology reduced the time and money involved in repairs and improved and effective of the process through

What else smart repair can fix?
  • Bumper dents
  • Alloy wheel scratches
  • Scratches
  • Dents
  • Exterior trim damage

Why Get it Done from Pitstop Arabia?

A reliable mechanic is hard to find. Finding a mechanic who is trustworthy as well as affordable is even more difficult to find. However, we have made it simpler with the following process. We have formed a network of thousands of mechanics and workshops all across the UAE to help you locate bodywork garages near you at competitive prices. To search for the best body shop in your area, follow the steps below.

  • Provide your car registration
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  • We will send you best quotes from mechanics in your area

Upon getting the cost estimates, you can compare the rates with their customer reviews and deduce the best bodywork deal. Proceed with online booking and get the services at your comfort.

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