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Why Choose PitstopArabia for Electric and
Hybrid Vehicle Services

  • Competitive Pricing

    Get the best prices for maintenance
    for your electric/hybrid vehicle in UAE.

  • Trusted Experts

    We provide trusted & seasoned
    professionals for your car from top garages.

  • Comprehensive Service

    Get compressive inspection and servicing solution
    for your electric/hybrid car

  • Over 10,000 daily quotes

    We provide tons of quotes from car
    centers every day for clients all over UAE

  • All types of Cars

    Car maintenance for electric/hybrid sedans,
    SUVs, trucks and Luxury vehicles

  • Fastest Response

    Our dedicated teams are on the
    ready to give prompt response to queries

How Does Hybrid Car Engine Work?

In a hybrid engine, your car’s gas savings are made from an electric motor that alternates when driving in stop and go traffic. As compared to crusing in a steady pace, continuously rolling strains your car’s engine and forces it to burn more fuel. In a hydbrid drive system, this is precisely where electric motor comes into play. At Pistop Arabia, we want you to experience a great drive that saves you money. Our vast network of hybrid car specialists ensures that your electric motors in EV keep working in optimal conditions.

Why You Need To Service your
Hybrid/Electric Car

If the charging systems and the vehicle’s battery get damaged or worn out, the fuel-saving electric motors will eventually fail. Moreover, these components account for the priciest parts of the entire hybrid car engine system. To prevent any costly catastrophes, Pitstop Arabia helps you connect with experts who have specialized training in servicing and repairing hybrid car batteries.

  • Genuine Parts

    Our services includes diagnostic testing, preventative maintenance, and other services. You can avail our top-notch repair servers to keep your vehicle stays on peak performance.

  • Expert Technicians

    All technicians, mechanics, and battery experts are vetted by Pitstop Arabia’s team to ensure they are trained, certified, and qualified to service your vehicle’s hybrid system.

  • Comprehensive Services

    We also diagnose and repair issues related to your vehicle's electric motors, as well as sourcing and repairing the existing or installing genuine parts if the job requires it.

Why Choose PistopArabia

Specialized Services

At Pitstop Arabia we will find you all the expertise and premium quality parts needed brings your vehicle back on the road. You no longer have to take the pain of searching blindly for a parts dealer, service center, or repair mechanic. We will do all the heavy lifting for you while you relax.

Top Rate in UAE

Being a top-rated automotive service provider and parts distributer, we have all the resources to get any hybrid or EV serviced and repaired, from the most sophisticated parts such as drivetrain components, and regenerative braking systems, to charging and battery components.

Call a Certified Mechanic

These parts are also fitted with dedicated cooling systems to control heat generation from the battery. This also requires checking when you visit service center or call a mechanic. however, a certified expert must be hired to oversee the system. Hybrids on the other hand are slightly complicated since they have combustion engines and require maintenance and consumables. For example, the high voltage system has to be carefully discharged to make sure the car does not start itself or harm the technician when a check or repair is being conducted.

How Does Hybrid and Electrical Cars
Differ in Servicing and Repair

Theoretically, hybrid and electric car require minimum servicing and maintenance. These vehicles do not have a conventional combustion engine and do not need expensive consumable for maintenance and performance. This means you do not have to pay for products and parts such as spark plugs, engine oil, timing belts, and air/fuel filters etc. The routine maintenance includes usual tyres checks, lights, wheel bearings, suspension, chassis and brake components. However, the extra work that EV car owners must be cautious about is the integrity of the charging ports, battery checks, and electric motors.

Then there is also the high voltage battery degradation which comes as a part of electric car driving experience. But even this is included in routine checks and most manufacturers make it very simple by putting the battery assemble in an accessible location. Therefore, there is normal service procedure that does not require disassembling every part of the vehicle.

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