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Why Choose PitStopArabia For
Audio And Navigation Services

  • Competitive Pricing

    Get the best prices for audio and navigation repair and installment

  • Trusted Experts

    We provide trusted and seasoned professionals for your car from top garages

  • Comprehensive Service

    Top Installment and repair solutions for your audio and navigation systems

  • Over 10,000 daily quotes

    We provide tons of quotes from car centers every day for clients all over UAE

  • All Types of Vehicles

    We provide audio and navigation solutions for sedans, SUV, trucks & Luxury vehicles

  • Fastest Response

    Our dedicated teams are on the ready to give prompt response to your queries

Interior, Audio, And Navigation

Welcome to PitStopArabia, we bring you unmatched interior, audio, and navigation installment and repair services for your cars. With the passion to pursue excellence in auto-repair, we have secured a name of trust all across the UAE. We can help you get the best products for audio and video, tracking and GPS navigation, safety tools, backup devices, music players and Bluetooth connectivity, radar detectors, and lots of more. We promise to provide you with the finest quality product s from renowned and reliable brands in the automotive industry. We help you find your desired products and the expertise installment and repair professionals nearest to your home or work location. Every job that we do goes through rigorous quality checks so that you are provided with best audio and navigation installation services.

Here's what we're best at
  • Installing the latest audio and video Systems
  • Adding Bluethooth connectivity that works with iPhone and Android
  • Customizing the interior design to provide a unique look
  • Configuring vehicle tracking and satellite enabled GPS navigation
  • Safeguarding the car with GPS enabled safety systems
  • Radar detection kits
  • Offering original equipment and customized products

Why Choose us

PitStopArabia understands that your vehicle needs the finest quality of products with impeccable installation so that your vehice can last with it for decades. We offer you exceptional services to install, repair, or upgrade your car audio, interior, and navigation facilities. We have worked with high-end vehicles like Aston Martin, Audi, Jaguar, Hummer, Nissan, Porsche, Mercedes variants, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, and the list goes on. Our exposure to working with top-class vehicles sets us apart from other service providers in town.

Avail Amazing Audio Installation

What makes the car experience fascinating apart from friends and family? The answer is the infotainment system. Regardless of who you are with, entertainment is mandatory. One can play music, watch a movie, or listen to the radio. But if you have low quality or outdated sound system, the experience can quickly go from bad to worse. Considering the importance of a quality sound system, PitStopArabia offers audio system installation throughout the UAE. Our seasoned workers are educated and trained specifically in audio technologies for the auto industry. They follow the highest technical standards of installing audio systems to configure it with the different types of speakers, amplifiers, and head units.

Watch videos on the go

Videos may never get your bored in the commute. That is why we provide you with a range of diverse options such as portable car video players, in the dashboard, or overhead placement. Call us for our incomparable services to continue watching your favorite movies, serials, shows, and sports on the go. Stop missing your favorite shows because of unreliable or poor-quality devices. We install products that play high definition videos and surround audio quality.

Keep a check on your Vehicle

PitStopArabia offers you GPS Navigation & Tracking services for accurate and precise results. Whether you are moving across the cities or within a town, need to travel for a business meeting or a family tour, our navigation system is your helpful companion. It provides you the right information and guidance to make sure you reach the destination without delays. Avail comprehensive GPS tracking in the UAE to remain safe and informed on the road. This service offers a lot more than a simple navigation system. It can also be used as a 24/7 car tracking device. Thus, it is a navigation plus anti-theft system built into one. You no longer need to worry about the vehicle as you keep a check on its location from anywhere.

Interior Designs

Our auto-interior is known for exemplary look, comfort, and creativity. PitStopArabia has achieved excellence in customizing designs for the perfect fit of the make and model of the vehicle, and personal preferences of the rider. It is because we combine the latest technology with our unmatched creativity. We personalize exactly as you demand as it is you who have to experience it. To discuss your requirements in person, please feel free to contact us and our expert will contact you shortly.

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