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Why PitStopArabia For
Land Rover repair and Servicing

We remain as one of the most trusted car repair service providers because of our huge network of certified garages and countless satisfied clients all across UAE. We understand Land Rover is a sophisticated vehicle and requires professional care from a certified expert. We also ensure all services offered are competitively priced so you get the best value for money.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Beings a trusted service provider,
    we never charge unjustly and always
    ensure complete transparency

  • Mobile Mechanic

    If you face and unfortunate and untimely
    car issue while driving, you can call a mobile
    repair mechanic right at the spot.

  • No wait Time

    Simply book a car mechanic and professional
    will be on its way to you. No wait time and
    no unnecessary questioning.

  • Commitment to Quality

    Our Land Rover repair & maintenance
    services is done by licensed experts that
    maintain the highest technical standards

  • Convenience

    You can order a repair mechanic at your
    exact location anytime. This will save
    your precious time and expense.

  • Extensive Network

    We have the biggest network of garages &
    repair centres in UAE so you can get Land
    Rover professional nearest to you.

Land Rover Car Repair Services in the UAE

UAE makes one of the biggest markets and consumer base for world’s best automotive manufactures. Its massive economy supports a huge ecosystem for domestic, luxury, sports, and commercial vehicles. With its extensive network of highways, cars are the most common source of commute and transport. Having said that, its sandy terrain and hot climate has created a huge demand for Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs).

These cars are powerful beasts and often come with 4Wheel drive to support driving on incline and deluged terrains. One of the most popular and successful brands is Land Rover, a British automotive manufacturer that produces one of the highest performing and luxury line of SUVs in the world. If you own a Land Rover and come across repair and maintenance issue, you will need a certified Land Rover repair and maintenance professional. As UAE’s leading automotive services provider, Pitstop Arabia can help you connect with the best garages, repair shops, service centres, and mechanics near you in the most competitive rates.

Why Choose Land Rover Certified
Car Repair Service

While there are countless repair shops, service centres, garages, and mechanics who claim to be experts in Land Rover repair, there are quite a few who certified or have every repaired a Land Rover vehicle. Fortunately, Pitstop Arabia is partnered with the biggest network of Land Rover trained and certified mechanics who are available 24/7 for guidance and repair. Just give us a call and we will select the best vendor based on your requirements and preferences. Here is why you need a Land Rover certified repair centre.

  • Superior Training

    Mechanics and garages associated with PitStopArabia have trained mechanics and only use OEM components. To ensure they can handle Land Rover issues, they undergo training in repair, replacement, and maintenance for Land Rovers.

  • Genuine Parts

    All components used in replacement and repair are company certified OEM parts. Genuine parts last 45% longer than ordinary parts, this helps ensure optimum performance of your Land Rover and saves future expenses and ensure safe drive.

  • Cost Savings

    With PitStopArabia you can save immensely not just on your car repair and maintenance costs, but also on expenses that might come overtime. We offer genuine parts, and top of the line equipment for your Land Rover.

Most Common Land Rover Problems

Land Rover is a great machine with state-of-the-art technology and top tier luxury features. But that does not mean it is impervious to mechanical or electronic problems. These SUVs are the embodiment of advanced British engineering, but the material components certainly have a life and cannot take extra stress. There are some common issues that Land Rover owners and users have reported. While these issues have put a question mark on the manufacturers, Land Rover has been actively improving its vehicles to not just overcome the problems, but offer better comfort, performance, and luxury.

  • Air Suspension Problems

    Air suspension is a common problem in Land Rovers. It has been
    frequently reported that air suspension begins to sag after a 4-6
    years of use. If you are encountering the same problem, contact
    a certified repair centre to get your air suspension replaced.

  • Oil Leaks

    Land Rovers are known for leaking oil. This usually happens
    before the vehicle reaches 60,000 mile threshold. The most common
    areas of oil leak include oil cooler lines and valve cover gaskets.
    A timely action can save your car from undesired expense.

  • Electrical Issues

    Being a luxury vehicle with tons of electronic wires, there
    have been continuous reports of electronic malfunction from the
    car computer. If any sign appear, get it checked through a certified
    Land Rover mechanic. Get in touch with PitstopArabia for quick fixes.

  • Parking Brake Failure

    Many users have reported their experiences when parking Land
    Rovers. The most common issue they faced is parking brake failure
    and screeching sounds. This happens as a result of component fatigue
    as the parking brake gets out of alignment and requires readjustment.

  • Airbags Malfunction

    Land Rover owners have come across airbag malfunctioning
    issues. It happens due to misalignment of air bag springs and steering
    columns, causing the wiring to break. As a result, the airbag may deploy
    erroneously. To ensure safety, get it checked by professionals.

  • Sunroof Leaking Water

    Sunroof leakage is considered a common issue in Land Rovers.
    It usually happens due to pinched sunroof drains that hold water
    causing it seep down. It may happen after 55,000 miles of use.
    You must visit a certified technician to avoid it.

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