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Reasons For Considering PistopArabia

PitstopArabia has helped countless Mini owners get affordable repairs from certified mechanics in UAE. It is our unwavering
commitment to provide highest standard of service quality, transparency and professional care.

  • Emergency Repairs

    If you own a car in UAE, flat tyres and batteries dying off is something you must always be prepared about. We offer emergency repair services to cater your immediate need anytime on the road.

  • Trained Professionals

    All our service and repair professionals are trained and certified by Mini. This means they are well-versed in all components, servicing and repair techniques known only to manufacturers.

  • Comprehensive Services

    As trained professionals you can get specialized service or repair jobs for any issue in your Mini. This is a minor fuse to complete collison repair, denting, paint and complete engine maintenance.

  • Countrywide Presence

    Being one of the largest automative service provider in UAE, our network spans all across the country. This helps us connect you with the nearest Mini repair centre Ajman, Sharjah or anywhere else.

  • Genuine Products

    We know how important your Mini is to you. That is why we only connect with top rated and, trusted mechanics and repair centres that use genuine OEM parts, prolonging your car's life.

  • Warranty

    All our services are in complete compliance with the latest standards of all UAE automotive authorities. When we do work, our team makes sure that your vehicle Warranty does not go void.

Mini Repair services in UAE

Mini is famous for its high knocking engines that deliver high power output within small ranges. The design itself is a great compliment to its name and makes a very distinctive category in the automotive industry. Since these cars are produced from top grade materials, advance designs, and state of the art engineering, they are highly sophisticated machines in the hands of an owner. Moreover, with the use of computer chips and AI operating systems, Minis require special care by certified mechanics and repair experts who are experienced and well versed in it. This is why Pitstop Arabia was created. We understand the unique needs of car owners and offer service, maintenance, and repair services for a broad range of car manufacturers in UAE.

Types Of Mini repair services

Being UAE's leading automotive service provider, we offer an extensive range of Mini repair services. We Guarantee top of the line
service centers, repairs shops, trusted experts, all within the most competitive rates you can get.

  • Battery Replacement & Repair

    Having a faulty battery is quite common. if you have
    found the problem with your car battery anywhere in
    UAE, you must get it repaired or replaced right away

  • Engine repair

    Engine is the heart of your vehicle. It is imperative to get it
    checked right away to prevent the repair costs from going up
    and to avoid the potential harm to other parts of your vehicle.

  • Tire repair & replacement

    Due to the harsh climate of the UAE, having tire
    problems is not uncommon.Fortunately, our mobile tire
    replacement serivce can have it replaced on the spot.

  • Shock Absorbers

    Shock absorbers play a central role in terms of
    comfortability. Therefore, having them routinely checked
    is important for your cars longevity.

  • Gearbox

    Gearbox problems are mostly uninvited and can ruin
    a perfectly going day. Pitstop Arabia has certified gearbox
    repair mechanics and genuine parts.

  • Brakes

    Brakes are one of the key deterrents of an accident.
    If you are facing any problems in your cars braking
    system, contact us and we have it fixed.

Mini Repair In UAE

Mini, often stylized as MINI, was a British automotive manufacturer that was aquired by BMW. It is unlikely popular for its small profile design and relatively high performing engines and latest features. The word Mini was commonly used in models since 1959 and became a marque in1969 when it replaced certain car models such as "Morris Mini" and "Austin Mini". It was originally acquired by BMW in 1994 and relaunched in 2001 when it aquired other manufacturers such as Rover Group. The car is also quite popular among Emiratis and has a great fan following in Dubai

Common Problems Associated
with Mini Vehicles

Ever since BMW relaunched Mini, the new design and engineering improvement has been met with great love. With its debut, Mini has been actively improving the performance of its vehicles and offering cutting edge features in its Cooper series. That being said, the first generation Minis are often subject to common issues that often arrive with age or manufacturing faults. These models range between 2000 to 2006, and are known to show signs after driving certain miles. if you face any issues below, contact a certified Mini mechanic or technician.

  • Clutch Failure

    It has commonly reported by owners that Mini Coopers clutches
    begin to fail at relatively low mileage. This often happens when the
    Cooper is frequently driven in heavy traffic. if you smell something
    burning whie driving, consult a mechanic in first attempt.

  • Automatic Transmission Failure

    CVT automatic transmission failure is a common issue in MINI.
    The reason it fails has a lot to do with the manufacturer’s claim that
    transmission does not require routine repair & maintenance. Take
    your vehicle for maintenance if you find something in transmission.

  • Power Steering Pump Fails

    When this technology was newly integrated, its performance lingered
    between tested and approved. Electric power steering pump is known
    to fail in early Mini models. You can also test the cooling system fan
    and other parts since the front will be disassembled for repairs

  • Water Pump Leak

    Water pump and thermostat housing in Mini's have been
    known to face leaks. Minis are more susceptible to this problem
    after having over 50,000 miles on them. As a preventive measure,
    it is recommended to have these parts replaced from experts

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