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You are in Complete Control

Unlike other repair shops, the customer is in complete control of the repair process. We do not force the customer to commit to an expensive repair option, nor do we provide substandard work. What we do is listen to the customer and then present a list of possible repair options. Along with the possible options, we offer their pros, cons, and of course, pricing. The final selection is made by the customer, which helps us ensure greater transparency. As we offer an extensive network of garages, the customer can always decide which repair shop is ideal for them, giving them even greater control.

How does it work?

PitStopArabia was established as a means of ultimate convenience for car owners, and we are committed to this mission. Regarding repair work, you no longer need to search garage and repair centre contact numbers or access their websites for quotes and opening slots. Instead, we have made things a lot easier. Just book the desired repair service through our website and let us handle the rest. Depending on the location and other details you have provided, we will set you up with the nearest and most reliable garage from our network. Yes, it's really that simple.

Services Offered

Our network of car repair shops in Ras Al Khaimah brings a variety of repair work and services to your table. It includes reliable and dependable workshops to understand and fix the right issue without costing you a lot. Whether you need to meet a mechanic for the core engine functionality or want to remove a minor dent, we have all the top-notch talent to address your needs.

  • Mobile Mechanic

    If you have no interest in driving to a workshop, we
    can send our mobile mechanic to your doorstep for
    all kind of repairs.

  • Gearbox Repairs

    In case you are having trouble shifting gears, we
    offer comprehensive gearbox repairs and maintenance
    services anywhere in UAE.

  • Body Painting

    Come to us if you are planning to repaint the vehicle
    or address other abnormalities in the paint or related to
    bodywork of your car.

  • Crash Repair

    We repair crashed cars and bring them back to
    their best while ensuring that they are safe to drive
    again after the accident.

  • Car Battery Services

    If your battery is malfunctioning or requires
    replacement, our network of repair shops in Ras
    Al Khaimah can address the issue promptly.

  • Engine Repair

    If the heart of an automobile is not working correctly,
    you are not going anywhere. Get the issue fixed with the
    help of our skilled team.

  • Tyre Repair

    Tires are among the most critical components in
    any vehicle. When you sense there's something wrong,
    contact us right away for a quick check-up.

  • Fuel System Repair

    Any small disturbance can disrupt the engine and bring
    the vehicle to a complete stop. Avail our fuel system repair
    services for a quick and reliable fix.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee 100% satisfaction due to our skilled workers and use of latest tools. We promise that any problem will be investigated promptly, saving you hundreds and potentially thousands in repair bills. In the event you feel that the repair work was not as per your liking or standards, we assure that the claim will be investigated.

Car Repair Services in Ras Al Khaimah

One thing that everyone loves about Emiratis is their passion for cars. Whether it is a limited edition or a classic vehicle, one can find all types of automobiles in UAE. Speaking of cars, they require maintenance and repair services from time to time. If you are on the lookout for car repair services in Ras Al Khaimah, you have come to the right place. Pitstop Arabia offers car repair and maintenance services in Ras Al Khaimah. What differentiates us from the other countless automotive service providers operating in the area? For one, we offer a transparent pricing mechanism. Before undertaking any repair work, we inform the customers about the possible options, their pros, cons, and value proposition. We merely carry the work that is decided by the customer. Secondly, we offer comprehensive repair services. That means you can avail all types of repair services under one platform. If you are still not convinced to give PitStopArabia a try, keep reading to know more about us.

  • Expert Resources

    Our team at PitStopArabia comprises of skilled resources who have developed years of experience in UAE for vehicle repair and maintenance work.

  • Fully Computerized

    In addition to our skilled workers, we rely on the latest, technology, vehicle diagnostic tools and software while inspecting your vehicle for issues.

  • Latest Repair Techniques

    We stay up to date with the latest developments. Rest assured that all repair and maintenance work is done according to industry best practices.

  • Numerous Garages Available

    You no longer need to concern yourself about long wait times. We have multiple garages operating in Ras Al Khaimah that are exclusive to PitStopArabia customers.

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