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Shock Absorber Services in Dubai, UAE

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What Is A Shock Absorber?

A shock absorber is a form of mechanical or hydraulic device that is designed to control suspension and springs of your car. It ensures you a smooth riding experience by removing vibrations that may be created by road humps. The key role of the shock absorbers is to hold the tires intact with the ground that leads to improved safety and an effective braking system. The suspension system of a car mainly comprises of shock absorbers.

It works by transforming the kinetic energy of the suspension system into heat energy which dissolute in the area. It manages the recoiling of suspension to ensure the car tires stay in contact with the road and result in a sound grip. Steering the wheels, accelerating the car, or pushing the brakes all depends on the shock absorbers. Any fault or malfunction in it may lead to a failure.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad
Or Faulty Shock Absorber?

The need to repair or replace shock absorbers can be identified through various signs and symptoms.
To be on the safe side, have a look at the signs to know any fault or malfunctioning.

The Signs Of A Bad Shock Absorber Include:
  • Vibration specifically on the steering wheel while driving the car

  • The tires show signs of Irregular wear and tear and bubble in drive

  • The seals become brittle or torn, allowing fluid/oil to leak

  • When the driver attempts to cease there is longer stopping distance

  • Car immerses when front upon brake is engaged and makes noise

  • When Driving on bumpy road the Car knocks upon bumps

  • The Car bounces and struggles in keeping its contact with the road

  • Your car mileage starts to decline after 50,000 miles of drive

Shock Absorber Repair Costs

The cost of shock absorbers repair depends on the make and model of your vehicle. The city where you live and the garageyou select for the repair also matters the most in defining the cost. On average, a shock absorber repair may cost about AED 2000The repair costs may not increase much for different car variants.

Locate Shock AbsorberRepair Near You

By the time you confirm the faulty condition of shock absorbers, you must lookout for a reliable mechanic or repair shop to have the issues fixed either by repairing or replacing them. Pitstop Arabia has a network of trustworthy garages with mobile mechanics to listen to your urgent repair needs and get them fixed.

To get a price estimate and read about our existing customers’ experience, you can fill the post at the top of this page along with details of your car and required repairs. Have your selection in terms of repair or replacement to appoint our services. You can use our price and services comparison tool free of cost.

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