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Falken tires are established in the country of Japan in 1983 and were later introduced to the American market after two years. Since its inception, Falken was created as a high-performance radial tyre brand of OHTSU Rubber & Tyre Company. In 2003, the OHTSU tyre company was partnered with the Sumitomo Rubber Industries which is the 6th largest tire manufacturer in the world.

Now, more than 35 years later, the Falken tyre company has solidified its place as a good choice by producing Ultra High Performance (UHP) products in the tyre industry. Participating in the professional motorsports program helps the Falken brand to develop tires for passenger vehicles for both domestic and worldwide distribution. ... Read more

The company is well-known for its unique features, superior engineering, and cutting-edge technology across the world. Also, Falken tyres offer an extensive range of products for different types of vehicles including SUVs, sedans, light trucks, minivans, and commercial vehicles.

All of the Falken tires manufactured go through an intense testing process to ensure the optimal level of traction and safety that match the customer's requirements. If you are looking for the Falken tyres online in UAE, then you can get them from us.

Falken is the mid-range product in the market considered to be the best tire for the UAE roads as it has been designed that fulfill the needs of Middle Eastern Drivers. They are optimized to withstand extreme heat conditions while maintaining traction on both wet and dry roads.

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Whether you want to hit the Emirates highway roads or go for an off-road adventure, Falken is a Japanese tyre brand that has a wide collection of tyres that meet your needs. Its high manufacturing standard place the brand among the best tires in the UAE.

Falken tyre company is where engineering meets creativity as it boasts some innovative tire technologies while manufacturing. This technology helps to deliver all-rounded outstanding performance and improved tread life, making it a fantastic choice. Although, Falken tire is specifically designed for rugged terrains, but it also provides amazing highway performance.

If you are the car owner of a medium truck, light truck, and passenger car tires, you have to search ‘Falken tyre shop near me’. This brand is one of the best ultra-high performance tires that wins the well-known professional motorsport programs.

PitStopArabia is committed to offering the best quality Falken tire at the best rates. We pursue setting up lower prices without compromising quality standards. In return, we achieve customer loyalty. We have an affiliation with manufacturers, we can achieve unbeatable Falken tyres prices.

Falken Tyre Price In UAE - Falken Tyres Near Me

We assure you the best prices for Falken tires in the UAE so that you can easily access a product range manufactured by globally acclaimed companies. Our company is proud of establishing corporate terms with the manufacturer to offer quality products at the best price to our customers.

With our web portal, we are easing the process of selecting suitable tires for your vehicle. Your search to find Falken tyres online ends here, at PitStopArabia. Your one-stop shop in UAE for your tyre needs.

On our website, you can find tires by Falken tire size or the vehicle you own. Just select the option, fill in the information, and our system will show you the list of your desired products. Choose the one that best suits your needs and book an appointment for the online delivery service. You can also get the installation services by selecting the location so that we can send our local installer to assist you.

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