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Without a doubt, tires are one of the most critical components in a vehicle. It is why we recommend getting the best possible tires for your car from a reliable source. Today, there is no excuse for not buying quality tires, especially with countless tire brands out there. In the UAE, the extreme temperatures coupled with other factors make buying quality tires even more necessary. So, if you are lookout for quality tires in the UAE, you are on the right page. Now, if you wish to buy new tires, we recommend the latest brand to enter the UAE market – Generation Tires. ... Read more

Generation Tires manufacture and sell tires under numerous labels. One of their leading brands is Tracmax Tire. All tires under the Tracmax Tire label come from the Shandong Province in China. What separates these tires from its competitors? The answer lies in its approach to sustainability. The tires are widely regarded for their 'green' approach to sourcing and manufacturing. Apart from that, the tires are durable and provide the same if not more performance as high-end tires.

Tracmax Tyres Prices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & All UAE

One of the best things about Tracmax is that it is not confined to a specific vehicle class. Instead, one can find all types of vehicle tires in their product catalogue. So, if you are looking to buy new tires for your SUV, sedan, or sports vehicle, you are in luck. There is no doubt that you will come across numerous Tracmax tires that fit your budget and requirements. If you are a commercial vehicle owner, don’t worry as the brand also offers tires for commercial vehicles.

PitStopArabia Brings Tracmax to the UAE

We have other good news to share with our UAE customers. If you wish to buy Tracmax tyres, you do not need to look any further. Why? PitStopArabia is now officially offering Tracmax. That's right. It means that now you can order its tires from us and have them delivered/installed anywhere in the UAE. Scroll below for all the brand’s tires that we are offering right now. You should keep checking back for the latest deals and offers on tyres. Who knows, you might find a good deal on Tracmax! Happy Buying!

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