Dura Plus

Dura Plus

The Goodyear DuraPlus has a larger tread width, which ensures better contact between the road & the surface. This helps improve tire life. They also have an advanced carbon-based tread compound (TredLife Technology™) that is highly resistant to frictional wear.

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AED 205.49 to AED 232.52

Fully fitted price - includes VAT, delivery, fitting, balancing and disposal of your old tyres.

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The innovative tread compound and lightweight construction of the tire reduces rolling resistance and allows optimized pressure distribution for higher mileage as well as lower fuel consumption. Its stiffer tread pattern with a noise reduction-block design ensures a quiet as well as comfortable ride, reduces the amount of CO2 and promotes even tread wear for a longer serviceable life. The tire also features an optimized footprint which provides better traction on wet and dry roads. The combination of wide circumferential grooves, large sipes and additional biting edges enhances braking capabilities, in both wet and dry, while the rounder cavity form of treads prevents water from gathering in the front and potentially increasing the risk of hydroplaning.

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Reviewed by Nick,

on February 25, 2021

Extremely good deal. Definitely the one. Thanks!

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