The Yokohama Geolandar S207 is manufactured to be fitted on light trucks. They are all-terrain tyres and provide the same grip on all surfaces. The infrastructure is made of steel which makes it less prone to damages and deformation. The Tread block of these tyres helps to maintain efficient traction in sharp turns.

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AED 323.23 to AED 323.23

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The Yokohama Geolander S207 is an all-terrain tire. The wide intersecting grooves ensure that the vehicle remains stable even at high speed. Its center circumferential ribs provide maximum traction and road grip in both dry and wet conditions. This tyre infrastructure consists of steel reinforced belting which can resist deformation, tear wear, and sudden braking. Yokohama S207 is a durable and reliable tire which have low resistance and optimized fuel efficiency.

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