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Eternity Tyres offers a new generation tyres built of high-end performance and long lasting durability. The brand is a subsidiary of Al Dobowi – a leading company offering solutions in power management, material handling, tyre management, industrial rubber, and fluid management industries. Based on Al Dobowi’s accredited track record in providing tyre solutions worldwide, we offer – reliability, safety, value for money and a great design. ... Read more

What makes the Eternity line stand out from the rest of the competition? Well, the answer is simple. These tyres are manufactured in some of the largest tyre plants in Asia using one of the biggest R&D budgets the best equipment in the world. Afterwards, the tires are supplied to partners in over 65 countries. Thanks to our association with leading tire brands from around the globe, Eternity has made a brand name that echoes in the market. Aside from that, we are ISO 9001 certified which highlights our commitment to quality.

Eternity Tyres – The House of Superiority

Eternity is not your average budget tire brand. Our dedication to serve customers and our association with top tire manufacturers makes us the only tyre brand in UAE and MENA region that brings top tier quality of brands such as Michelin, Pirelli, and Goodyear. Our product line is not confined to any specific vehicle class. Therefore, if you own a full-sized SUV or a standard sedan, you will surely find an Eternity tyre for your need.

PitStopArabia Brings You Eternity Tires in Dubai, UAE

PitStopArabia houses the largest collection of tires in the UAE. Now, it proudly brings you Eternity Tires. So, if you are looking for a tire for any vehicle that meets the requirements set by the UAE authorities, just check our website. You can easily find Eternity Tires in all types and sizes. To buy the desired tire, just select it according to the specifications. Enter the payment and other required information. Check out to have your tires delivered and/or installed anywhere in the UAE, including your home.

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