Equip your car with performance-grade Nitto tires

Nitto is a brand that is synonymous to performance. Founded in 1949, the company has been at the forefront of innovation, conceptualising and developing tires for car owners who are passionate about performance, for consummate drivers who wish to get the most out of their vehicle. From racing competition variants to all-terrain tires, the company has developed products that are sought after by enthusiasts from all around the globe. ... Read more

The signature Nitto design: Radical, progressive treads for improved traction and control

With Nitto tires, Dubai and UAE drivers can expect a better performance from their cars. This is due to Nitto’s revolutionary production process. One of the aspects that make Nitto wheels different from those of its competitors is their radical design. By merging modern aesthetics with advanced technology and scientific research, the company has been able to introduce new tire sizing and compounds along with new treads that promise improved performance, whether on the trail or the track.

Through computer-generated designs, Nitto engineers have been able to eliminate unwanted tire responses, while improving noise reduction. This results in a better, smoother, more comfortable driving experience. Using polymer tread compounds, they have also been able to improve tread life, while boosting traction and control over dry and wet surfaces, for improved safety on the road.

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