Best Car Battery Replacement Shops in Abu Dhabi

Apr 22, 2021 Car Battery Tips & Tricks PitStopArabia

In a previous blog post, we talked about the best places for car battery replacement in Dubai. Today, we will be doing the same for Abu Dhabi. If you are a teen driver, you need to know more about the car battery. For now, know that it is one of the most vital components in your car. How?

It powers all the electrical components in your vehicle and delivers the current needed to start the car. Without a properly functioning car battery, your car will take longer to start. In case the battery is completely dead, you won’t be able to turn on the engine at all. Now, let us get back to our main topic.

Best Places for Car Batteries in Abu Dhabi

These are the top places for car battery in Abu Dhabi:


We started as an online tire retailer before moving into areas including car batteries. PSA offers customers car batteries from leading brands such as AC Delco, Solite, and Optima. The best thing about us is that all our products come with an official brand warranty. The top reason to select PSA for car batteries is not the official brand warranty.

Instead, we can satisfy our customers. Suppose that you parked your car in the shopping mall only to find out later that the battery is dead. What will you do in such a situation? There are two options. The first is to get someone to jumpstart your vehicle, or you can call us. We can help you jumpstart your vehicle. What if the car won’t still start?

In some cases, the battery is not charging correctly due to corroded terminals, problems with the alternator or multiple other things. Our team will first conduct a test to determine the problem. Based on the results, we will offer the best solution. Before undertaking the work, we will share the costs and other relevant details. Only after your approval will we start the work.

All the above services can be availed at any of our workshops located throughout Abu Dhabi and on-site. In other words, you will be back in the driving seat in no time at all. Besides car battery, PSA offers tires, periodic car maintenance, automobile insurance, AC repair, and a lot more.

Champions Battery

It is another reliable car battery place in Abu Dhabi. Their reviews speak for themselves. Just like PSA, they offer batteries from leading battery brands. Their service is available 24/7, meaning that if you need a battery at any time, you can call Champions Battery. The best thing about them is their rapid response. Whether you call them late into the night or early morning, their response is prompt.

24Hour Batteries

The last on the list is the 24Hour Batteries. As the name indicates, they offer their services 24/7. Like the previous two battery places, 24Hour offers batteries from OEM brands, meaning that they offer quality products only. If you are confused about which battery to buy, 24Hour has a well-skilled and knowledgeable workforce that can guide you throughout the process.


Wrap Up

If you think we left out a reliable car battery place in Abu Dhabi from our list, let us know. Your suggestions will help us improve our content. Thank You.

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