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Car owners are mostly after tyres that can last throughout the year. In this pursuit, some even try to hold on to their summer tyres during winter cold commutes. Let’s be very clear, driving your vehicle in winters with summer tyres is not only risk your car, but also a grave risk to your life. In the cold weather or icy roads, the winter tyres would be the best choice to use for such conditions. They can be your saviour in the event of an unforeseen accident.

Do you want to purchase new tyres for your cars? But feel conflicted about all the brands that you can choose from? Most of us are very choosy in selecting products of our car. Here, a big majority of people are seen concerned about the cosmetics of the tyre but often fail to concerned about the amazing features they can have. Whether it is drivers comfort or safety, the tyres of your vehicle play a vital role in the performance and lifespan of your car.

Tires Need to Be Replaced Eventually

Most tyres can stay good for a couple of years or more. But after that time, there comes a stage where replacement is the only option.  And for that, a purchaser needs a keen eye to take a good look at what they are purchasing?

There are a number of factors that you must take into consideration when selecting tyres. This includes balance, grip, tread pattern, efficient fuel consumption. This is important because bad conditioned or damaged tyres will only bring more risk of you getting into an crash or a slide-out.

At this point might ask yourself, should I use an existing brand or go for some other top tire brands in the market? And if some other brand then which should be the best and why?

In this blog, things are simplified for you. The two brands CEAT and Mrf are discussed that made a stronghold in the market in terms of making reliable, safe and high-quality tyres.

CEAT Tyres

CEAT (Cavi Elettrici e Affini Torino) is an Indian tyre manufacturing company owned by the RPG group. It was established in 1921 in Italy, Turnin. CEAT is one of the leading tyre manufacturers and has a presence in the global markets.

The company manufactures two-wheels tyres, four-wheel tyres, tyres for trucks and tractors. According to statistics, CEAT has reported a 152% growth in December 2020, and an increase in its earnings to ₹132 crores.

CEAT tyres perform well in both winter and summer seasons. The main advantage of using these tyres is that drivers don’t have to face the problem of changing tyres frequently. It saves the cost of buying weather-specific tyres.

CEAT tyres are manufactured in a unique tread pattern that helps in strong road traction, low noise, and stable cornering in all surface conditions.

All-Terrain Tyres - CEAT Milaze X3

CEAT has secured its place in the market as a trusted tyre manufacturer. To become a more valuable brand in the industry, CEAT has come up with the product Milaze tubeless Car tyres. This tubeless tyre is made by its new tread compound and optimized shoulder depth.

CEAT design this product by keeping the rough and bumpy road conditions in mind. Some of the benefits that make the Milaze X3 stronger and valuable than its rivals are as follows.

  • Usually, regular tyres have a lifespan of approx 50,000km. But the Ceat Milaze X3 offers a lifespan of 1,00,000km making it well-suitable to tackle with the poor roads.
  • Another attribute of this tubeless tyre is a wide circumferential groove. It increases the tread depth of the tyre with additional resistance to external damage because of high rubber gauge.
  • Tyres ensure you have a comfortable, quieter, and stable driving experience with a better grip on all surface conditions.

All-Season Tyres - CEAT Securadrive

Originally created and proving itself successful brand in the European market, it has now been adapted to India. CEAT Securadrive is designed to focus on optimization of wet and dry braking, tyre noise, and high-speed handling. All these functionalities provide a safe and comfortable drive even at a higher speed.

CEAT Securadrive tyre is brought to India offering lower rolling resistance, sufficient tread design. These new changings bring some benefits for your vehicle:

  • The wide circumferential grooves reduce the risk of hydroplaning and make sure that water does not accumulate beneath the tread.
  • The tread pattern is designed to make driving at high speeds easier and safer. This also reduces the tyre noise that results in providing a smooth ride.
  • Tread pattern and grooves have not only improved the resistance to hydroplaning but also offers confident control over wet and dry conditions.

Winter and Mud Tyres - CEAT Fuel Smart

Fuel smart is CEAT’s new fuel-efficient tyre introduced in the market with the claim of giving fuel savings to the car owner.  As most of the tyres consume fuel energy over the miles through rolling resistance which badly impacts on speed.  Rolling resistance is the frictional force from the road surface that needs to overcome.

  • Fuel smart tyres are designed in its unique interlocking blocks that reduce the friction between tyre and surface area. This will lead to minimal resistance.
  • Low friction between tyres and surface brings better fuel efficiency by up to 7%.
  • Control which is all about grip and high performance can be seen in Fuelsmart CEAT tyres. The circumferential grooves in Fuelsmart tightly grip on-road and reduce the rolling resistance while keeping your vehicle stable and secure. This gives drivers excellent traction and control on a vehicle.
  • These tyres have stiffer shoulder blocks with high pitch design that make low road noise during driving. It keeps your vehicle in control as it handles all curves and minimizes the risk of slippage.

MRF Tyres

When you thinking about the top 10 tyre brands MRF is name you simply cannot miss. MRF (Madras Rubber Factory) is the most popular tyre manufacturer in India that started manufacturing rubber tread in 1952. It has managed to become a leading company in tyre producing industry.

MRF company makes tyres for all kinds of automobiles, right down from a moped to an aeroplane. But for the time being, let’s just talk about cars. And for this, MRF deal with the vast range of products.

The company makes tyres from hatchbacks to high-end luxury vehicles in which their offer start from budget tyres to expensive ones.

MRF tyres are one of the safest and reliable tyre brands that you can go for. Some of their famous tyres are MRF ZVTV, Wanderer, and ZLX for SUVs.

All-Terrain Tyres - MRF Wanderer

MRF Wanderer tyres are manufactured to perform excellently in all types of terrain. More than a decade, it has been one of the first choices of SUV lovers. The tyre provides great resistance to tears, punctures, cuts, and prolong its life.

The MRF Wanderer tyres can easily handle vehicles at higher speeds, and its off-road performance is also quite commendable. The tyres having superior traction results in safe emergency braking at high speeds providing a comfortable ride to drivers.

Some of the features and benefits of using MRF Wanderer tyres are as follows:

  • The tread block of MRF Wanderer provides an improved grip on the road.
  • The tread compound that is used in the tyre helps in giving it a longer tread life.
  • The asymmetric tread pattern provides better wet and dry braking that enables stability even at higher speeds.

All-Season Tyres - MRF ZVTV Tyres

MRF ZVTV tyres is a popular tyre brand that comes with maximized rubber in the tread pattern that provides good traction on road. It offers a comfortable ride with superior handling of the steering wheel and its balanced performance.

  • The sidewalls of MRF ZVTV tyres are specially designed for better braking and fuel efficiency.
  • The quiet tread pattern is made for better gripping in all road conditions and to reduce tyre noise.
  • MRF maximised rubber in tread pattern for better grip in both longitudinal and lateral directions while braking, cornering, and accelerating. It also prolongs the tyres life.

MRF ZV2K Tyres

MRF ZV2K tyres is a premium all-season compound that provides great traction in both dry as well as wet conditions. Its unique tread design makes sure to give a quiet and comfortable ride to the driver.

ZV2K tyre can be found in 27 different sizes and is used in a variety of SUVs and sedans. Some of the key features and benefits it provides to car user is as follows:

  • Excellent traction and responsive braking capability provide a smooth and quiet ride.
  • Supple sidewalls are incorporated in ZV2K tyres for comfort and reliability.
  • Special polymer compound is integrated into tyres to provide long-term tread wear of vehicles.
  • The MRF ZV2K tyres have deeper tread grooves in an optimised tread design that prevents water from underneath the tyre.


MRF MARKUS is a tubeless car tyre that enhanced its on-centre feel and performance at high speed. Special polymer with silica tread compounds is used in tyres to provide better grip and low rolling resistance.

The MARKUS tyres provide excellent all-weather traction that gives an enjoyable ride to drivers. The tread patterns are designed to improve the tire’s road contact and to reduce the road noise and vibrations levels.

  • The tread design of MRF MARKUS Tyres boosts the road-gripping ability of tyre in all surface conditions.
  • Tread design maintains the gripping and contact of the tyre with the road while tyre compounds maintain its traction even in cold weather.
  • The wide circumferential grooves further enhance the performance of the MARKUS tyre as they disperse water from underneath the tread and prevent hydroplaning.
  • The optimized shoulder tread block sequence in tread increase the gripping ability with road surface during cornering and manoeuvring. And, ensures great control over the vehicle


MRF ZTX tyres is a well- known tyre that guarantees its higher durability and comes with a reasonable price. The optimized tread design of ZTX enables a better ride quality and also assures safety with confident braking under the bumper.

This ZTX tubeless tyre has about 8.66 kgs of weight, 165mm of the section width, and comes in sizes ranging from 12-inch to 14-inch.  People who face issues like traction in tyres have to no more to worry about anything. These tyres provide smooth and frictionless driving experience all along.

  • The ZTX tyre has been designed with a curvilinear tread pattern that helps in superior stability and enhanced braking under different weather conditions.
  • The unique wear-resistant compound in the tyre has made a prolong tyre life.
  • The ZTX has excellent cornering ability, great mileage and fuel efficiency. It ensures to provide a smooth ride.
  • The low rolling resistance that is produced by the ZTX tyres saves fuel and gives better acceleration.

Some of the top branded all-season tyres of MRF are listed below:

  • MRF- Mogrip Tyres
  • MRF Perfinza

CEAT Tyres vs MRF Tyres

If you want to experience a safe and comfortable driving experience then you should choose tyres according to the weather condition. The road you are driving on is playing a deciding role in driving performance, and your ultimate safety. 

It is noticeable to buy only those tyres for your vehicles that are reliable, give excellent performance, and are safe from any uneven tread wear. here is the difference between ceat and mrf tyres.

CEAT tyres would be the best choice if you want a high-performance tyre for highway and city use at an affordable price.

MRF tyres would be the best choice for those people who wanted an excellent gripping and traction performance on both on-road and off-road. Ensuring corning, acceleration, and braking ability while driving.

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Wrapping it Up

When the season changes, the roads you drive on also change. It is only fair to replace your tyre according to it. The summer tyres are designed for hot temperatures so the car remains safe harsh weather conditions. Whereas, the winter tyres are designed for low temperatures and are performing to prolong the life of tyres in cold conditions. While there are options for all seasons tyres that can be equally good on several weather conditions, it is recommended by experts to change tires based on the needs of track your drive.

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