2 Free Alignments when you buy 4 Nexens

 2 Free Alignments when you buy 4 Nexens

Save Petrol and make your Nexen tyres last longer

Order 4 Nexen Tyres, and get 2 wheel Alignment absolutely FREE (upto 500 AED value)

First FREE wheel Alignment at the time of installation

Second FREE wheel Alignment you can avail anytime within 365 days of the installation

Second Free Alignment can only be availed at the same installer location where tyres were installed

Limited tyre sizes also have Buy 3 + 1 FREE and are clearly labelled

Applicable only on Nexen Tyres clearly labelled '2 FREE ALIGNMENTS ON 4 TYRES' 

Applicable only if you select an installer labelled ' 2 FREE ALIGNMENTS WHEN U FIT 4 NEXENs' 

Does not apply to tyres fitted using mobile fitment

Extending any offer to a customer is purely on PitStop Arabia's discretion

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