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Nov 21, 2023 News & Updates PitStopArabia

Driving in the UAE can be a daunting experience for newcomers, especially when dealing with traffic signs. With so many different traffic signs to remember, it can be challenging to know what they all mean. That's where this informative guide comes in.

This blog post will cover all of the most essential UAE traffic signs, including mandatory signs, control signs, parking control signs, trailblazing guide signs, warning signs, and prohibitory signs. 

Mandatory Traffic Signs

Mandatory traffic signs in uae

Mandatory traffic signs are crucial, dictating what road users must do. In the UAE, road users encounter a variety of these signs:

- Stop Sign: 

A red octagonal sign instructing drivers to come to a complete stop. At such points, it's essential to wait until all oncoming traffic has passed before proceeding, ensuring a safe junction.

- Give Way Sign: 

Commonly found at intersections, this sign requires drivers to yield to traffic from the right and the cross street, promoting smooth traffic flow.

- Speed Limit Signs: 

UAE's speed limit signs indicate the maximum speed allowed on specific UAE roads, promoting road safety and adherence to traffic rules.

- No Entry Sign: 

These signs prohibit vehicles from entering specific roads or areas, safeguarding restricted zones.

- Turn Right Sign: 

Encountering a turn-right sign means you must make a right turn at the next intersection, adhering to road guidelines.

Control Signs

Control signs play a crucial role in regulating traffic flow and determining priority at intersections and other road features. In the UAE, you'll commonly come across:

- Traffic Light: 

These lights control traffic flow at intersections and pedestrian crossings, ensuring a smooth and organized movement of vehicles.

- Roundabout Sign: 

Alerting drivers that they are entering a roundabout, where they must yield to traffic already in the roundabout, promoting efficient traffic circulation.

- No Overtaking Sign: 

These signs prohibit vehicles from overtaking others on specific road sections, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring safe driving.

- One-Way Sign: 

Indicating that traffic can only flow in one direction on a particular road, preventing congestion and enhancing road safety.

Parking Control Signs

Control signs in uae

For parking-related guidance, road users in the UAE should be familiar with:

- No Parking Sign

Prohibiting vehicles from parking in specific areas, these signs aim to ensure clear and obstruction-free roadways.

- Reserved Parking Sign

Indicating parking spaces reserved for specific vehicle types, such as disabled vehicles or those with diplomatic plates.

- Pay and Park Sign: 

Found in areas where paid parking is enforced, these signs notify drivers that they must pay to park their vehicles, avoiding penalties.

Trailblazing Guide Signs

Trailblazing signs

To assist drivers in reaching their destinations, trailblazing guide signs are deployed:

- Motorway Sign: 

Signifying the entrance to a high-speed road with controlled access, often connecting major Emirates routes.

- Exit Sign: 

Alert drivers to the exit for a particular destination; these signs are vital for navigation.

- Tourist Destination Sign: 

Directing drivers to popular tourist destinations, such as Dubai International Airport or the city center, enhances the driving experience.

Warning Signs

Warning Signs

Warning signs play a critical role in informing drivers about potentially hazardous situations:

- Slippery Road Sign: 

Warning drivers of slick road conditions, especially during rare instances of rain in the UAE.

- Road Works Sign: 

Alerting drivers to upcoming road construction or repairs, ensuring caution and safe navigation.

- Pedestrian Crossing Sign: 

Warning drivers of pedestrians crossing the road, prioritizing pedestrian safety.

- School Crossing Sign: 

Notifying drivers of potential school zones and the need to be cautious of children crossing the road.

Prohibitory Signs

Prohibitory signs are in place to restrict certain activities on the road:

- No Turning Sign:

 Prohibiting vehicles from turning in specific directions, contributing to organized traffic flow.

- No Overtaking Sign: 

Restricting overtaking on particular road sections, and promoting safe driving practices.

- No Honking Sign: 

Prohibiting vehicle horns in specific areas contributes to reduced noise pollution.

- No Heavy Vehicles Sign:

 Indicating roads where heavy vehicles are not permitted, ensuring road safety, and preserving infrastructure.

How to Read UAE Traffic Signs

how to read UAE traffic signs

UAE traffic signs are designed for easy comprehension, using English and Arabic languages along with standard international symbols. Color coding helps convey meanings:

- Red: Mandatory and prohibitory road signs

- Yellow: Warning signs

- Blue: Guide signs and trailblazing guide signs

- Green: Parking control signs

Understanding the shapes and symbols is equally important; for example, circular signs denote mandatory actions, while triangular signs indicate warnings.


What are the mandatory traffic signs in the UAE?

Mandatory traffic signs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are circular signs with white symbols on a blue background. These signs instruct drivers on what they must do. Some common mandatory signs include:

  • Speed limits: These signs indicate the maximum speed that drivers are allowed to travel.
  • Turn signals: These signs indicate the direction in which drivers must turn.
  • No entry signs: These signs indicate that drivers are not allowed to enter a particular area.
  • Parking signs: These signs indicate where drivers are allowed to park and for how long.

What are the signal rules in the UAE?

Signal rules in the UAE are as follows:

  • Red light: Drivers must stop at red lights and wait for the green light before proceeding.

  • Yellow light: Drivers should slow down and prepare to stop at a yellow light.

  • Greenlight: Drivers may proceed when the green light is illuminated.

What are the types of traffic or road signs?

There are three main types of traffic or road signs in the UAE:

  1. Mandatory signs: These are circular signs with white symbols on a blue background that instruct drivers on what they must do.

  2. Regulatory signs: These are rectangular signs with white backgrounds and black symbols that indicate restrictions or prohibitions.

  3. Warning signs: These are diamond-shaped signs with yellow backgrounds and black symbols that warn drivers of potential hazards.

Which traffic signs mean Emirates routes?

Emirates routes are indicated by rectangular signs with green backgrounds and white numbers. These signs are used to designate the route numbers of major roads in the UAE.

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