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For over 140 years, Italian brand Pirelli has been creating innovative rubber and tyre products that have shaped the industry. A name long synonymous with quality, safety, and performance, Pirelli is a pioneer in the field of tyre design and innovation. Over the years, the brand has been the official supplier to a number of elite motorsport events including Formula One Grand Prix, the FIM World Superbike Championship, the Mille Miglia and the famous 1907 Peking-Paris race. Today, Pirelli is the original tyre supply partner for over a hundred luxury car brands including Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ducati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz and Porsche. ... Read more

For Eco-friendly Pirelli Tyres, UAE and Abu Dhabi Car Owners have PitStopArabia

An environmentally conscious brand, Pirelli has made a concerted effort to decrease the ecological impact their products have on the environment through extending the life cycle of their products, reducing emissions and manufacturing tires that are easier to recycle. The company spearheaded their eco-friendly effort by releasing the R:01 Series, which are Pirelli tires that boast increased mileage, reduced rolling resistance, minimal noise, and ecological materials.

They have also released the EcoImpact line, which are Pirelli tires that offer better energy efficiency and mileage while improving quality and safety.

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PitStopArabia is dedicated to providing their clients with superior quality products and services. All of the Pirelli tyres Abu Dhabi customers purchase from us are priced at the cost of shipping, balancing, installation, and disposal of your old tyres included. We are committed to cutting out the middleman and sourcing the best brands from manufacturers and legitimate representatives. Every product that we stock in our 24/7 online store complies with the Gulf Standards Organization’s quality control requirements so you can be confident that the products we deliver to you will be safe, high performing and durable.

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Shop from our range of premium brands online where you are in the UAE, or get in touch with our friendly customer service team by calling +971 4 432 7676. Our knowledgeable support staff will be able to advise you on the best product to suit your needs and budget. Our Pirelli tires are available for delivery throughout Abu Dhabi emirate ONLY.

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