P Zero Nero A/S

P Zero Nero A/S

The Pirelli P Zero are manufactured for the extreme performance requirements of high specs vehicles such as sports cars, luxury vehicles and coupes. The Summer tires are best suited for on-road driving and do not support driving under freezing conditions or ice and snow. The tire tread compound has been modified with silica to ensure it starts well without issues under cold weather and integrates durability for extended lifespan.

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AED 1,054.46 to AED 1,054.46

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The Pirelli P Zero feature an asymmetric tire tread pattern where the side and circumferential grooves are positioned strategically for enhanced handling control and retention of tire shape. They also contribute towards protection from aquaplaning and dry road grip. Reduced noise and extended serviceable life is achieved through the unique tread composition. The infrastructure is reinforced with two steel belts covered spirally by polyamide and nylon filaments, which strengthens structural integrity and controls deformation control under stress. The tires evenly disperse workload to ensure distribution of stress and avoidance of a specific area from being damaged due to excessive usage.

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Reviewed by Ross,

on June 18, 2020

High quality tyre. Worth the price I paid. No complaints at all.

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