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Commercial Tyres FAQ
  • What does commercial tyres mean?

    Commercial tires are designed for commercial vehicles, such as trucks, buses, and trailers. They are typically made of harder rubber than passenger tires and have a more aggressive tread pattern to provide better traction in wet and slippery conditions. Commercial tyres are also designed to withstand heavier loads and more wear and tear than passenger tires.

  • What is the difference between a commercial tyre and a normal tyre?

    The main difference between commercial tires and normal tires is the load rating. Commercial tires are designed to carry heavier loads than passenger tires. They are made of a harder rubber that is more resistant to wear and tear. Commercial tyres have a more aggressive tread pattern that provides better traction in wet and slippery conditions.

  • What are the advantages of commercial tyres?

    The advantages of commercial tires include:

    • Increased load capacity
    • Increased wear resistance
    • Improved traction in wet and slippery conditions
    • Longer lifespan

  • Which tyre is best for commercial vehicle dubai?

    The best tire for a commercial vehicle in Dubai depends on the specific needs of the vehicle and the application. However, some of the most popular tires for commercial vehicles include:

    These tires are all designed to provide excellent performance in a variety of conditions, making them a good choice for a wide range of commercial vehicles.

  • Are commercial tyres better than normal tyres?

    Both commercial (C-type) tires and Light Truck (LT) tires have higher weight capacity ratings compared to standard passenger tires. LT and C-type tires are reinforced to handle heavier loads than typical car tires. C-type tires are capable of carrying heavier loads than LT tires of the same size, albeit at a reduced speed.

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