Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the price of a Tyre include?

    Each Tyre displayed in is individually priced.

    The price displayed is inclusive of 5% V.A:T,  delivery to the Installer, Installation (including replacement with a brand new standard valve), Balancing (using quality weights) and Disposal of your old Tyres

    On purchase of 4 tyres or more; alignment of your wheels will be inspected visually, if found defective, can be fixed at an extra charge.  We can also arrange a roation of your tyres every 20,000 kms upto a mximum of one instance a year.

    Please note that there will be extra service charges for specialized wheels including Center or Bead Lock.  Valves with TPMS, if required, will also be charged seperately.  Please contact us should you have any specialized requirements.

  • How can I pay for tyres at

    You can make your payment using your VISA or MasterCard.

    We do not currently offer the option of paying cash, but are working on a solution to collect cash payments from you.

    Orders are processed only if payment is assured and/or realized by

    Any unpaid order will be automatically deleted after 5 days from the date on which it was made.

  • Can I pay cash at the installer?


    The only way to pay at is via your Visa or MasterCard.  We are working to incorporate, American Express, Paypal and Diners as well. is an independent and an multi-brand Tyre retailer.  We have partnered with multiple installers to provide you Tyres related services.  The tyre that is installed is supplied by us.  These tyres are shipped to the Installer only after you have confirmed/paid for your order.  


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