Frequently Asked Questions

Off-Road Tyres
  • Are off-road tires good on the road?

    Off-road tyres are not designed for on-road use. They are designed for off-road terrain like dirt, sand, and mud. Off-road tires have a lot of treads, which helps them to grip the ground in these conditions. However, the tread can also make them noisy and uncomfortable on the road.

  • Are off-road tires expensive?

    Off-road tires are more expensive than regular tires. This is because they are made from durable materials and have more tread. However, the cost of off-road tyres can vary depending on the brand and model.

  • How do I choose off-road tyres?

    When choosing off-road tires, there are a few things to consider:

    • The type of terrain you will be driving on
    • The size of your vehicle
    • Your budget

    It is also important to consult with a tire professional for their recommendations.

  • What are the disadvantages of off-road tyres?

    The main difference between commercial tires and normal tires is the load rating. Commercial tires are designed to carry heavier loads than passenger tires. They are made of a harder rubber that is more resistant to wear and tear. Commercial tyres have a more aggressive tread pattern that provides better traction in wet and slippery conditions.

  • How do I choose off-road Tyres online?

    You can easily shop for tires online by entering your vehicle information or the tire size.

    Next, look for tires with the qualities you want for your vehicle, like a smooth and quiet ride, sporty handling, or off-road capability.

    To help you decide, you can choose up to five different types of tires and compare them side by side by clicking the "compare" button.

    If you want more information about a specific tire, click on its name in the search results. And if you need help finding the perfect replacement or original equipment (OE) tires, our tire experts are always ready to assist you.

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