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Choosing the right Tyres
  • Original Equipment (OE) tyres vs. replacement tyres

    Do you have to install exactly the Tyre of the same brand and tread pattern that came installed when you bought car? 

    The answer to this question is both YES and NO. It all depends on what you want from your tyres.

    OE (original equipment) tyres are the tyres fitted on your car at the factory by the vehicle manufacturer. When selecting OE tyres, vehicle manufacturers usually choose a tire make and model that will serve the widest range of buyers.

    There may be further recommendations for replacement tyres in your owner’s manual. While, the OE tire will be suited to your vehicle, but you should also consider alternatives tailored to your own driving style and preferences.

  • How do I know I need new Tyres?

    There is no way to tell exactly how long a tyre will last you. The lifespan and mileage of a tyre can be determined by of a combination of factors: its Quality of Installation, Design, Driver’s habits, the climate, the road conditions and the care that is provided to the tyres. Following are some things to consider,

    Keep an eye on the Thread and wear

    If your tyres are visibly worn out, have cracks or show limited tread depth. It is time to change them for sure

    Inspect regularly after 3 years

    After 3 years in use, your tyres should be thoroughly inspected at least once every couple of months by a professional. Road and Transport Authority will provide this service upon the annual registration renewal of your car and will let you know whether your tyres are okay or not.

    Five years is a maximum

    UAE’s law requires you to change Tyres 5 years after their date of manufacture. Even if they appear to be in usable condition and have not worn down to the tread wear indicator. This applies to spare tyres as well.

    Proper care expands a tire’s lifespan

    You can increase your tire's longevity by maintaining the correct air pressure, performing regular tyre rotations and vehicle maintenance.

  • “Original Equipment” tyres explained

    Original Equipment (OE) tyres are the tyres that your vehicle manufacturer chose to install in your vehicle when it came new from the factory.

    In some cases, automakers partner with tyre manufacturers to develop tyres with particular characteristics, in order to complement the performance features of the vehicle. For example for a luxury car one may choose a tyre with a plush, quiet ride; for a hybrid, a fuel efficient tyre with low rolling resistance; and for a sports car, a tyre that delivers straight-line acceleration or fast cornering.

    There usually are multiple OE tires for a particular vehicle.  A 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser can be equipped with Michelin Latitude Tour HP, Bridgestone Dueler H/T D684 II or Dunlop Grandtrek AT23 to name a few.  And then there could be different variants within, depending upon whether your Land Cruiser is a EXR, GX, GXR, VX or a VXR.

  • I need new tyres. Do I have to buy the same OE tyres again?

    No -- but if you’ve been happy with their performance, you may want to buy the same ones again.  Certainly OE tyres are not the only choice out there.  

    While, OE tyres are often purpose-built to make the most of an aspect of your vehicle’s performance there are tyres available in the market with near identical specifications and typically with a lower price as well.   You will find at times that the OE tyres being sold in the ME are at times anywhere between 10-30% more expensive than other tyres of comparable brands and identical specifications. 

    Taking the Land Cruiser example again, a VXR might come fitted with an OE tyre designed for lower noise level and higher comfort while a GXR might be fitted with tyres that perform better off road but marginally noisier.  It’s really up to you!

  • Why would I buy replacement tyres?

    If you did not enjoy the tyres that came installed in your new car and you want to change the way your car behaves, you should consider other tyres providing the trait most important to you. 

    For example if you’d like to increase fuel economy, choose a tyre with lowered rolling resistance: An A rated tyre would save you approximately 6 litres of petrol 1000km of driving than a G rated tyre.   Wet grip, an A rated tyre will stop 18m before a G rated tyre on a wet road with a car driving at 80km/h. A very significant distance considering your car could be carrying – you and your family.  On noise levels, a tyre with one bar rating makes 4 times less external noise (6DB) than a tyre with a three bar rating.


  • How do I choose the right set of tyres?

    Shop for tyres by entering either your vehicle information or the tyre size.  

    You should then look for a set of tyres that emphasizes the traits you want your vehicle to demostrate (quiet ride, sporty handling, offroad handling etc.).

    To decide, you can select upto 6 different types of tyres, and click on compare to do a side by side comparison.  

    To see more information about a tyre, just click on the tyre’s name in your search results. And if you’d like help finding the perfect set of replacement or OE tires, our tire experts are always there and ready to help you.

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