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Why Choose PitStopArabia For
Alloy Rims Inspected and Repaired

  • competitive Pricing

    Get the best prices for alloy rim refurbishment for your vehicle in UAE

  • Trusted Experts

    We provide trusted & seasoned professionals for your car from top garages

  • Comprehensive Service

    Get compressive inspection and replacement solution for your alloy rims

  • Over 10,000 Daily Quotes

    We provide tons of quotes from car centers every day for clients all over UAE

  • For All types of cars

    We provide rim refurbishment for sedans, SUV, trucks and Luxury vehicles

  • Fastest Response

    Our dedicated teams are on the ready to give prompt response to queries

What is Alloy Wheel Refurbishment?

Car owners often get conscious about their worn-out alloy rims. Alloy rims are lightweight, sturdy, and compliment the looks of your car. But long-term driving, potholes, poor quality tires, inexperienced drivers, and corrosion can easily wear out your vehicle’s alloy wheels. Driving in a desert climate such as Dubai, alloy rims needs proper & regular maintenance and refurbishment in case they get damaged or worn out. With alloy wheel refurbishment you can restore worn out alloy rims back to their functional and cosmetic state. PitStopArabia has professional experts and top service centers throughout UAE from where you can get your Alloy wheels repaired at best prices.

Why you need to
consider it?

It is natural for the alloys on rims to be damaged due to natural wear and tear, scratches, or even accidents. The normally harsh weather of Dubai is also a contributing factor for wearing down the rims. Opting for an alloy wheel refurbishing service is the perfect solution for such cases because it is both economical and restores the alloy rims in perfect condition.

Many people tend to overlook small scratches, cracks and dents in their alloy rims. These seemingly minor cosmetic scuffs are actually the root cause for more serious damages. As the alloy exterior gets chipped away, the interior is laid exposed and vulnerable for erosion. A simple crack can end up compromising the entire alloy coating.

Finest Alloy Wheel Repair Services

Alloy wheels are better in braking, light in weight, and fuel efficient as compared to steel wheels. However, it does require repair and maintenance for an extended useful life. PitStopArabia brings you expert solutions for fixing a variety of alloy wheel repairs.

  • Alloy Wheel Repair

    PitStop Arabia has a vast network of qualified mobile mechanics to serve you at your convenience. Our entire service is designed to provide you with maximum convenience with supreme quality.

  • How Much Does it Cost

    Cost of repair depends on the number of wheels, their deteriorating condition, and the service provider. The rims that need more intensive repairs may cost more as per their sizes and your car brand.

  • Welding Jobs On Alloy Rims

    Replacing a damaged alloy wheel is expensive, so refurbishment is a better option. Expert mechanics can repair even serious issues such as hairline cracks. Contact us for cost and time the repairs may take.

  • Diamond Cut Wheel Repair

    Diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment is a top tier repair service. It provides spot-on solutions for alloy wheels. It involves removal of the external layer on the wheel with lathing equipment by expert.

Powder Coating Service for Alloy Wheels

So, what is alloy wheel powder coating service? It is a popular service which changes the color of your vehicle’s alloy wheel and matches it with how it should originally look. Professional alloy wheel refurbishment services rely on powder coating technique to restrict damage to the wheel. Removing too much alloy will damage the wheel itself as well as the coating, which can result in compromising the structural integrity. At PitStopArabia, we refere our customers to the best service centers and top experts of Alloy Wheels refurbishment so that they can get the satisfying and long lasting powder coating service. Alloy wheel powder coating process can be broken down in the following manner:

  • The exterior paint and lacquer are removed using chemicals or hand blasting.
  • The edges are filed, the wheel is repaired and generally treated for overall damages using various techniques.
  • The wheel is heated under controlled temperature to eliminate air from alloy which can cause bubbles. Then, the first layer of powder coating is applied.
  • The wheel can be exposed further to high temperatures, or can be subjected to the wet-in- wet procedure.

Bent Rims or Cracked Wheels

One way to diagnose a cracked alloy wheel is to keep an eye on your tires’ air pressure. If it drops abnormally during driving, then your wheel could be cracked. A cracked alloy wheel is a problem which needs immediate repairs. The crack compromises driving experience and can damage the structure of your wheel permanently. But above all, it endangers the passengers of the vehicle. Damage to rims, especially cracks, can occur without any warning. Poor road conditions such as potholes, speed bumps, bad leveling, etc. are well-known factors for it.

The rolling height for cars remains constant. It can be calculated by adding the heights of wheel and tire. This means that the bigger the alloys are, the lower their sidewalls are, leaving them more susceptible to damage. This happens because the tire functions as a shock absorbent wall, thus offering protection to the alloys. Lower sidewalls mean less protection, and the undampened shocks eventually take their toll on the wheels.

While eventual damage to the alloy wheels is natural, you have no reason to worry. Repair service are designed to restore the wheel back to its best cosmetic and functional condition for aesthetic purposes, safety and performance. An initial solution for the issue is welding. The wheel is normally ground around the cracks so that the weld does not contain any foreign material other than the alloys. This is followed up with a cosmetic repair to restore the looks of the wheel. While alloy wheel refurbishment services are the go-to solution for most cases, our mechanics may sometimes recommend a replacement. For example, if the wheel has 3 cracks or extensive damage, it may be time to get a new one.

Find Alloy Wheel Repair Service Near you

We believe that the best way to judge a service is by reviewing its customer feedback, and we offer full transparency in that matter! Feel free to evaluate us by checking out what our previous customers have to say. For this you can refer to the reviews section of this website as well as find PitStopArabia business page on Google. Most of our existing customers are happy with us and they have reviewed our services and products in a perfect way which will give you an idea either to buy services from us or not. The process of buying our services is the simplest from all our competitors in the country. You just need to enter only required information and the rest is assured by our service centers.To search for our professional alloy wheel repair services near you:

  • Enter your car registration number
  • Brief us a little on the situation of your wheel.
  • We will develop a selection of quotes for you to choose from as well as the mechanics and garages in your vicinity.
  • Enter vehicle details
  • Select the area where you want the services
  • Select the service type
  • We will give you best quotes as well as the mechanics and garages in your vicinity.
  • You will be redirected to the best garage and service center near you
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