These tires are designed for the drivers of sports vehicles, luxury sedans and high-performance sedans. What makes the NFERA AU7 stand out from the competitors is the superior dry and wet traction. It is widely regarded as one of the best tires in wet conditions.

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AED 319.04 to AED 605.64

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Description & features for Nexen NFERA AU7

The tires have an AA traction rating, which means that they have the highest traction rating possible. It also has a treadwear rating of 500, meaning that the NFERA AU7 is quite durable. The tires come in two-speed ratings, W and Y. It also features asymmetric design and open lateral grooves that maximizes the resistance to hydroplaning. The 5 optimal variable pitch also keeps the noise minimal. The sipes on the tires improve performance in snowy conditions.

Ratings & Reviews

Average Rating:


3.7 Out Of 5

10 = Superior, 0 = Unacceptable, N/A = Trait not experienced

Wet Grip


Dry Grip


Cornering Stability


Steering Responsiveness


Ride Comfort


Noise Level



Note:Consumer Servery Rating are from 1-10 with being 10 is highest;
Superior (8.6 - 10)
Excellent (6.6 - 8.5)
Fair (4.6 - 6.5)
Good (2.6 - 4.5)
Unacceptable (0 - 2.5)

Reviewed by RW,

on September 22, 2023



Reviewed by Carts,

on May 20, 2023

BMW340M. Absolutely silent and super smooth compared to my previous (Twice the price) Michelin Sport. However the grip is nowhere near... Read More

BMW340M. Absolutely silent and super smooth compared to my previous (Twice the price) Michelin Sport. However the grip is nowhere near the Michelin Sports. Now in the summer heat, these tyres slip light crazy. Okay I guess if you like drifting!! Read Less


Reviewed by Adel ,

on March 17, 2023

good tires


Reviewed by Sunny,

on January 12, 2022

One of the tyre had flat spot and wafting for warranty servie.


Reviewed by 730li E66,

on September 25, 2021

tire is good for the price just keep your expectation at a normal level


Reviewed by Ali Tareen,

on June 14, 2021

Best tires in wet conditions. Luxury and comfortable driving experience with these tires so far.


Reviewed by Ghufran,

on March 7, 2021

I hadn't covered many miles to experience driving with these tires. But, I am completely satisfied with them till now.


Reviewed by Greyson,

on March 7, 2021

I had bought 4 sets of Nexen. Ride become more confident than I expected.


Reviewed by Bishakha,

on March 7, 2021

For the price, purchased fantastic tires. So far I am happy with them. Surely buy them again in the future.


Reviewed by Dhruvam,

on March 7, 2021

My Nexen tires handles the car great on dry and wet road. I would buy these brand again.


Reviewed by Ghasaan,

on March 7, 2021

They have an excellent grip on a dry roads and in heavy rain. Pleased to experience a nice, quiet, smooth ride.


Reviewed by Jameson,

on March 7, 2021

NFERA has performed pretty much well in all weather conditions. Hope they last long.


Reviewed by Baghyawati,

on March 7, 2021

Smooth and very quiet road. I feel stable at high speed on road. Also, very much impressive performance in rain.


Reviewed by Devansh,

on March 7, 2021

Excellent handling tires. No matter how terrible the condition is, no matter how much wet the road is, Nexen tires have great stopping abilities.


Reviewed by Fadi Malik,

on March 7, 2021

I am impressed with the service of PitStopArabia. Excellent price with excellent performance and what more you can ask for? Thumbs up!.


Reviewed by Easton,

on March 7, 2021

The tires were great after installation. Good traction and grip, smooth ride. They rotated well at every oil change.


Reviewed by Sanjay,

on September 1, 2020

So far the tyres have held up but it's been only a little over a month so too early to tell.


Reviewed by Irfan,

on July 29, 2020

Tyre rubber and quality is the worst. I now have a damaged tyre when i drove over a small rock on the road just 2 weeks after purchasing it.

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