The Nexen NFera RU5 are developed for catering to the requirements of SUV class vehicles and light trucks. The All-Season tires are capable of enduring the changing track conditions caused by variable weather, including light snow.

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AED 286.60 to AED 492.08

Fully fitted price - includes VAT, delivery, fitting, balancing and disposal of your old tyres.

Description & features for Nexen NFERA RU5

The tread blocks of Nexen NFera RU5 tires are built for enhancing stability and control at high speeds for safety and performance. The tire tread pattern is designed for dispersing water for eliminating chances of hydroplaning. The micro-grooves provide the biting edge needed for direct contact on wet surfaces and digging into snow. The asymmetric secondary rib on the exterior of tire further increases rigidity for enabling sharp cornering ability and greater stability.This tire pattern and size is ideal for infiniti 2013 and so on.

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